CNN Reporter: Union Strike Would Have Locked Up My Kids Bikes

     If a powerful New York union had gone on strike this morning, CNNs Andy Serwer might have had a tougher time getting to work. Hed have had to open the front door himself.

     But SEIU local 32BJ, which represents doormen and elevator operators in New York City, reached an agreement with property owners, averting a walkout just before the midnight deadline, Bloomberg News reported.

     Chatting about the averted strike on the April 21 American Morning, Serwer shared with viewers that his building has a doorman. After joking with guest host Betty Nguyen that he had made his children practice opening the door themselves in anticipation of the strike, Serwer shared how the union strike would have really inconvenienced his family.

     One thing I was concerned about, Serwer shared, was that they were going to lock up the bike room in his basement. It was going to be shut because of the strike, so my kids wouldnt be able to ride their bikes, he continued.

     The Business & Media Institute has previously documented the medias usual slant in favor of labor unions.