CNNs Cafferty Roots for High Gas Prices

     I hope gas prices go as high as they have to go to get the rest of these morons off the road in these big Hummers, CNNs Jack Cafferty exploded on the March 25 In the Money.

     Caffertys attack on middle-class SUV-driving Americans was a departure from last year, when the CNN reporter aimed his populist blows on corporate executives and Congress on the Nov. 12, 2005 In the Money. At that time, the Business & Media Institute recorded how Cafferty purred about how watching some oil company fat cat getting grilled in Congress during congressional hearings might have made you just warm and fuzzy all over.

     In November 12 program, Cafferty also complained that Congress had not made a serious effort at curbing consumption, at developing alternative energy sources, at doing something besides sitting around whining.