Media Wont Rest until Taxes Are Raised

Media Wont Rest until Taxes Are Raised
Networks flood airwaves with stories suggesting tax hikes to pay for Katrina and other price tags.

By Amy Menefee
Business & Media Institute
October 12, 2005

     Spending federal money without raising taxes? Broadcasters have been incredulous at the thought, especially since Hurricane Katrina hit so much so that 59 percent of their tax-related stories have suggested tax hikes. Reporters turned to everyone from Bill Clinton to the man on the street to fellow journalists to make the case for taxation.

A typical question from a network reporter showed annoyance at the presidents tax policy and implied that anything but raising taxes is irresponsible, sounding something like this: The last thing in the world that George W. Bush wants to do is raise taxes, but the amount of money that were talking about here, were talking about many, many, many tens of billions of dollars. Can that be done without raising taxes? That was ABCs Ted Koppel following Bushs address to the nation on September 15.