NBC Glosses over Strong 2005 Job Growth

     Two million jobs were added in 2005; Novembers initial job growth was revised upwards by more than 40 percent of the original estimate; and unemployment dropped below 5 percent, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data released January 6. CNNs Andy Serwer delivered the whole story that featured job growth in December and a huge revision in November. But NBCs Today show gave the news a passing mention that ignored 90,000 of the new jobs created.

     NBCs Ann Curry summed up the latest unemployment report, which was released at 8:30 a.m., with a three-sentence mention on the January 6 shows 9:00 a.m. news briefing. New figures this morning show the nations unemployment rate falling a bit last month, Curry said. The jobless rate stood at 4.9 percent in December, a drop of one-tenth of a percent. The economy added 108,000 new jobs for the month. She left out the 90,000 jobs that were added to the revised November results.

     But over on CNN, business reporter Serwer actually included the sharp revision in the November 2005 jobs number, which went up from 215,000 to 305,000. The Fortune magazine editor added, thats a lot of jobs youve got, you know, over 400,000 jobs in two months.

     Meanwhile on the White House lawn, Fox News correspondent Wendell Goler mentioned the unemployment numbers while previewing President Bushs upcoming speech on the economy.

     The president's aides feel he doesn't get enough credit for an economy that they that is doing pretty good statistically at least 108,000 jobs created in December, that's actually less than the market expected, Goler noted, adding, the Labor Department revised upward November's figures from 215,000 jobs to more than 300. That makes about 1.9 million jobs created in 2005, more than 4.5 million since May of 03.

     Reuters reported that 2.2 million jobs were added to American payrolls in 2005. The complete unemployment report can be found here.