Times Global Warming Claims Are A Natural Disaster

Scientists dont agree about global warming, especially when it comes to claiming it caused recent hurricanes. But Time magazine claims the connection is an easy conclusion to reach.

     In the October 3 issue, Senior Writer Jeffrey Kluger focused on a new study claiming hurricane intensity has increased in the last 35 years and never mentioned that many scientists consider hurricanes to operate under a cycle that lasts three to four decades. According to the Aug. 30, 2005, New York Times, the severity of hurricane seasons changes with cycles of temperatures of several decades in the Atlantic Ocean. The recent onslaught is very much natural, said William M. Gray, a professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University who issues forecasts for the hurricane season.

     Klugers article, with the headline Evidence mounts that human activity is helping fuel these monster hurricanes, even mentioned some of the criticisms of the global warming claim before totally undermining those positions. He said the global census of storms and general measurement of their increasing power dont lie. Kluger then added, And what those measurements tell scientists is that this already serious problem could grow a great deal worse and do so very fast.

     The article then went on to discuss apocalyptic scenarios where climate change could happen in a few short years. Kluger counted on the most alarmist quotes he could muster, including this one from UCLA Associate Professor of Geography Laurence Smith who said: We face the possibility of abrupt changes that are economically and socially frightening.

     After presenting his evidence, Kluger admitted frustration with opponents of the left-wing view of climate change: Its impossible to say whether any of that will convince the lingering global warming skeptics. However, he took one more shot at undermining them, What does seem certain is that the ranks of those skeptics are growing thinner.

     The article continued to warn of a catastrophe as the U.S. government has been piling up environmental debt the way we have been piling up fiscal debt. If we dont bring our climate ledgers back into balance, the climate will surely do it for us, he warned.

     The article also included a few other important points:


    Cant stand the heat?: Time emphasized that the most violent hurricanes thrive in a suddenly warmer world. Apparently, Time missed the memo from left-wing environmental groups that now typically tout climate change so they can claim any difference in the weather as evidence of humans effect on the environment. That attitude led to the wild, instant Ice Age of the movie The Day After Tomorrow.
      Left in: Kluger relied on the National Center for Atmospheric Research for some of his most alarming quotes. Kevin Trenberth, head of NCARs climate-analysis section, claimed There is no doubt that climate is changing and humans are partly responsible. NCAR meteorologists Greg Holland added Were talking about a very large change. Kluger left out that NCAR advisers include global warming activists at the radical Natural Resources Defense Council.
      Left out: The article left out those global warming skeptics Kluger claimed are shrinking in number. One-sided articles like this one make his claim appear true.