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Surprise: ABC's Sawyer Hits Gore on Profits From Global Warming, Plays Glenn Beck Attack

Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer conducted a surprisingly tough interview with Al Gore on Tuesday, pressing him on profiting from global warming and whether or not climate change legislation is ...

Defacing Obama's Photo Embarrassment to a College?

Plus Rush the Racist? and Why Won't Israel Talk to Group Committed to Its Annihilation

Electric Cheetah Runs Slow

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Obama Wins the Gold Medal

But what happened was the right was so institutionally successful that it controlled many of the levers, as you say. So, what happened in the year 2000? Well, the conservatives on the Supreme ...

On Anniversary of Katrina, ABC's Bill Weir Hits Bush for 'Tainted' Legacy Over Storm

On Sunday's "Good Morning America," weekend host Bill Weir highlighted the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and insisted that the storm "really tainted the Bush legacy." The GMA anchor ...