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Other Than That, the Story Was Accurate

Plus: Savvy Health Care Predictions & More Lies from the Swift Boat Vets

Bozell Commends CBS

Bozell: Letterman "Apology" Is Slippery and Clintonian

David Letterman issued what many are calling a full and complete apology to Governor Sarah Palin, her daughters, family and "everybody else who was outraged" by his raunchy sex "joke" that he told ...

Bozell to Letterman: Apologize Like a Real Man

Attempt to Justify Statutory Rape Joke About Palin Daughter Is Worse Than Original Offense.

Nearly 400,000 Petitions, Thousands of Calls and Faxes to Pelosi, Reid to Demand A Vote on the Broadcaster Freedom Act

MRC's Free Speech Alliance launches latest grassroots campaign to protect free speech on the radio airwaves.