The Best of Notable Quotables; December 28, 1998

Vol. Eleven; No. 27

Too Late For Our Judging, But Year-End “Best of NQ” Worthy

“I would not be astonished to see Hillary Clinton be the Democratic nominee in 2000....Hillary Clinton, as far as I’m concerned, she’s the Person of the Year, if Time magazine doesn’t put her on the cover, they may put Mike, Mark McGwire, or Alan Greenspan, or somebody, but Hillary Clinton is the Person of the Year in that, you talk about a comeback kid – she makes her husband look like Ned in knee pants in terms of comeback from where she was early in the Clinton administration. You know, you add it all up, and you can make a case that Hillary Clinton might, might – mark the word – be the strongest candidate for the Democrats.”

CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather on CNN’s Larry King Live, December 3.
Dan Rather: “If you’re Al Gore – listen he’s been a loyal Vice President. He is the odds-on favorite for the nomination. If you were Al Gore, what would you do?”
Larry King: “Make her, ask her to be Vice President. Is that what you think? Is that where you’re leading me?”
Rather: “No, I think maybe I would say, ‘You know, we want the goals of the Clinton administration to be achieved and to go forward. I need your help, First Lady, friend of mine, Hillary Clinton, and if I’m elected President, I will make you the next Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.’ That’s what I’d do, but Al Gore is a better man than I am and I doubt that he’d do it.”

– CNN’s Larry King Live, December 3.
Announcer: “Did Kenneth Starr go too far?”
Diane Sawyer to Starr: “I think there were 62 mentions of the word ‘breast,’ 23 of ‘cigar,’ 19 of ‘semen.’ This has been called demented pornography, pornography for Puritans. Were there mistakes made in including some of this?”
Announcer: “The tables are turned. Now it’s the prosecutor’s turn to be grilled, when 20/20 Wednesday continues after this from our ABC stations.”

– Plug during 20/20 interview with Ken Starr, November 25.
Sawyer: “Which brings us to Linda Tripp, the woman people love to hate, and the accusation that Ken Starr was not what he had seemed. Are you part of a right-wing  conspiracy?”
Starr: “No. I don’t know that there is one.”
Sawyer: “His key witness, Linda Tripp, is now a recognized soldier in the army of Clinton haters – among them Tripp’s friend and svengali, Lucianne Goldberg. Among them, the lawyers for Paula Jones. Before he became independent counsel, Starr gave them advice. And among them, millionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, who hired people to dig up dirt on Bill Clinton and funded a chair at Pepperdine University for Ken Starr....”
“Driving to the White House that day, for what was – for all intents and purposes – a lot of people think your trial, the only trial you were going to get. Did you think to yourself, here is a man who has to deal with Saddam Hussein and bin Laden and what’s going on in Russia, and we’re putting him through this?”

– Some of Diane Sawyer’s questions to Starr, November 25.