The Best of Notable Quotables; December 28, 1998

Vol. Eleven; No. 27

Wired Wicked Witch Award (for Loathing Linda Tripp)

“If there were an Ig-Nobel Peace Prize, who would win it?
  o Slobodan Milosevic
  o Osama bin Ladin
  o Saddam Hussein
  o Linda Tripp”

– “What do you think?” question of the day on the home page, October 15. [94 points]


“Tripp lost membership in the family of man when day after day she looked into Monica Lewinsky’s eyes as a friend and at night hit the ‘on’ button on her Radio Shack tape recorder. No, there’s enough about Tripp to criticize without getting to the heart of her darkness. While we are trying to make up our minds about the other characters in the drama, she can safely be cast as a villain – the Mark Fuhrman of the Starr investigation – because of her perfect rendition of the friend from hell.”

Time’s Margaret Carlson responding to Jonah Goldberg in a Slate “dialogue” about Linda Tripp, June 30. [72]

“And Kathleen Willey also spoke about Linda Tripp, a Clinton-basher who seems to be at every ugly turn in this controversy.  Tripp was outside the Oval Office when Willey emerged from her encounter with the President...Just how is it that Linda Tripp is so often conveniently involved in the President’s troubles? For some clues let’s bring in The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer, who has profiled the controversial Miss Tripp in this week’s issue. You write that co-workers often viewed her as an inveterate busybody.  Has she always been a snoop and a gossip with a particular interest in other people’s romantic lives?”

– Bryant Gumbel on Public Eye, March 17. [53]
“Hello, good evening and welcome back to Hell. Can we renounce our citizenships for like only 24 hours? This thought before we begin: For months, William Howard Ginsburg took shot after shot on this program and others for some of his legal strategy.  But throughout his stewardship of the Monica Lewinsky defense we praised him here for at least one noble constant: He never let us even hear his client’s voice. God, do we miss him tonight. Okay, one of them will read the part of the irresponsible  adolescent, the other will narrate the lines of the pathetic, self-destroying, older loser and you and I will be Polonius hiding ourselves behind the arras.”

– MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann opening the Big Show, November 17. [36]