The Best of Notable Quotables; December 28, 1998

Vol. Eleven; No. 27

Media McCarthyism Award (for Tying Conservatives to Murder)

“The Christian Right per se and some particular members on Capitol Hill have helped inflame the air so that the air that these bad people breathed that night was filled, filled with the idea that somehow gays are different, and not only are they different in that difference, they’re bad and not only are they bad, they are evil and therefore evil can be destroyed. The next step to that to me, it’s a three-step process, and that ends in destruction. I don’t say that they were told to do that, they certainly weren’t part of any plan to do that, but again, what air are they breathing now? It’s the air filled with that hate....I mentioned Trent Lott, Jesse Helms and Dick Armey particularly. The Christian Coalition, the Family Research Council and the Concerned Women for America.”

– Deborah Mathis of Gannett News Service on who inspired the murder of Matthew Shepard, October 17 Inside Washington. [88 points]


“When Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by an extremist who was opposed to the peace talks, many commentators at the time blamed Bibi Netanyahu who was Mr. Rabin’s opponent at the time, for his political rhetoric, saying that by saying that people who were making peace with the Palestinians were in effect, countenancing terrorism, he in effect set up Rabin. Don’t you feel some of that same heat? Doesn’t anti-abortion rhetoric at some point verge on almost a back-handed pat on the back to those people?”

– Geraldo Rivera to Jerry Falwell after the shooting of an abortion doctor, October 26 Upfront Tonight on CNBC. [51]

“My concern with this guy, Weston, is he’s a guy talking up this business about the evils of big government and he’s a nut case, but this is his rant and I wonder if, you know, in some way the Republicans in this town haven’t gone too far with this kind of logic.”

– FNC analyst and Washington Post reporter Juan Williams on the Capitol Hill shooting, July 26 Fox News Sunday. [45]
“Then the fallout from the death of Matthew Shepard. The tragic beating of the college student in Wyoming has some activists in this country saying there is a climate of anti-gay hate that's been fostered by the political right in this country. We’re going to get into that debate after news and weather.”

Today co-host Katie Couric opening the October 13 show. [38]