Notable Quotables - 03/20/1989



"Some analysts said that the country's now close to full employment, the point at which the available labor pool dries up. That's not the same as saying that everyone who wants a job has a job. But business correspondent Ray Brady reports the high employment rate is causing problems."
- CBS Evening News Anchor Charles Kuralt, March 10.


Lee Atwater

"At the same time, Atwater - who cut his political teeth as a protege of South Carolina's once segregationist Senator Strom Thurmond - downplayed his role in devising the crypto-racist Willie Horton ads that helped Bush win the White House. 'That's in the past,' he insisted."
- Time reporters Jacob V. Lamar and Alessandra Stanley in the March 20 issue.


Soviet Psychiatric Hospitals

"U.S. officials in Moscow said today they have been unable to determine, after meetings with patients in Soviet mental hospitals, whether they are being held because of their political beliefs."
- NBC Nightly News Anchor Connie Chung.

"U.S. PSYCHIATRISTS FAULT SOVIET UNITS: Team Finds Inmates Are Still Held for Political Reasons"
- New York Times, next morning.


Mikhail Gorbachev

"For Gorbachev at the end of four years, it is the best of times, it is the worst of times. There was triumph at the Moscow summit, when cold warrior Ronald Reagan said the Evil Empire belonged to a time now past. Bittersweet triumph when Soviet troops came home from Afghanistan. The Soviets did not win, but Gorbachev did. He had the courage to end Soviet involvement."
- CBS reporter Barry Petersen on the March 11 Evening News.

"On the international stage, he's a superstar. The toast of the Wes. He reached a precedent setting arms control agreement with the U.S. and pulled Soviet troops out of Afghanistan. At home he's opened up the political process. The first contested elections since Lenin's day are scheduled for later this month."
- Rick Inderfurth on ABC's World News Tonight, March 12.



"Currently, our entire economy is like one of those pathetic small towns desperate to keep, say, a chemical plant operating regardless of the hazards...The Solar Age still awaits its Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or even its Gorbachev, someone to realize that the U.S. economy, too, needs its own perestroika."
- U.S. News and World Report Associate Editor Arthur Levine in the March Washington Monthly.


Bush Ethics

"President Bush says now that he's in charge there are higher standards....Others argue that all this ethics talk is merely a diversion, a way to avoid tough problems, like drugs, homelessness, and poverty."
- Susan Spencer on the CBS Evening News, March 5.


Eastern Strike

"Even if Eastern Airlines goes out of business and its 30,000 employees have to find work elsewhere, there are those who say the strike could still be considered a success because it would show employers that they cannot ignore their workers and expect them to give in."
- Stephen Aug on World News Tonight, March 8.

"It makes you long for the good old days, the days before deregulation, you never had this kind of problem at all. The airlines were required to give you the tickets: they had to accept the tickets of a bankrupt company."
- Erin Moriarty on CBS This Morning, March 10.



"This question goes out to all us parents. What would you do if one day your teenage daughter came home to you and said, 'Mom, I'm gay'?...The trials, the tribulations, the triumphs of lesbian teens and their mothers. That's the focus of this edition of Geraldo."
- Geraldo Rivera, opening his March 3 show.


Pat Schroeder

"Some have labeled her flaky, but she has always spoken out of a common-sensical awareness few of her colleagues share: that, as she writes here, 'our society is still, to an overwhelming degree, governed by upper-class white men who know little of the family balancing act because their wives have insulated them from it.' Those of us who wrote about her exploratory presidential campaign saw, again and again, that this working mother connected powerfully with audiences when she showed how well she understood their acquaintance with a harder reality."
- Washington Post staff writer Marjorie Williams on Pat Schroeder's book, Champion of the Great American Family, March 7.


Time Magazine

"'[Time Managing Editor] Henry Muller wants us to speak with a voice and to make judgments,' says Walter Isaacson, a former Nation editor and now a [Time] Senior Writer. 'We're using the news as a springboard, a jumping-off place to get to things readers can't get elsewhere.'"
- From a March/April Columbia Journalism Review article.



"Since their capture by Afghan guerrillas late last year, the once impressive state-run model farms in this province have fallen into dereliction."
- Edward Girardet reporting in the March 14 Christian Science Monitor.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham, Marc S. Ryan; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Jay Marois, Patrick Swan, Dorothy Warner; Media Analysts
- Cynthia Bulman; Administrative Assistant