Notable Quotables - 05/02/1988


Campaign '88


"When Geraldine Ferraro became the Democratic candidate for Vice President, I stood on the convention floor and fought back tears. Forget objectivity; the moment transcended politics. As I followed the Jesse Jackson campaign in Philadelphia yesterday, I fell on the same phenomenon: a transcendent pride in this person's breakthrough. You could see it on the faces of people on Locust could hear it in the voice of the gospel singer at a Jackson rally."
- CBS News reporter Judy Muller, on CBS Radio Correspondent's Notebook, April 26. (Thanks to John Colas, Chevy Chase, Maryland.)

"The current economic situation being what it is, neither he [Dukakis] nor anyone else can promise a miracle."
- CBS Evening News anchor Bob Schieffer on Michael Dukakis' economic record, Saturday, April 16.


Edwin Meese


"Oregon's Republican Senator Bob Packwood has been taken to task for saying embattled Attorney General Edwin Meese should be held to a higher standard than bank robbers. Packwood received a letter from a convicted bank robber, Raymond James, who's serving time in a Pennsylvania prison. Wrote James: 'I do not appreciate being categorized with Ed Meese. This is an affront to any self-respecting bank robber. We, too, have certain standards.'"
- ABC's World News Sunday anchor Sam Donaldson, April 24.




"Mr. Bennett is not the Secretary of Education. He's the Secretary of Ignorance."
- Senator Lowell Weicker on the CBS Evening News, April 26.

"Bennett scores academia for 'left-wing bias"
- Washington Times, April 18.

New York Times and Washington Post: No Story


Lesbian Parenthood


"Is there a lesbian baby boom? That's the focus of this edition of Geraldo."
- Geraldo Rivera introducing his April 20 show.


Dan Rather


"As he [Rather] approached us I heard him mumble 'Hello, Tom,' without actually looking at Brokaw. Nervously he went over to Kathleen [Sauter] and kissed her on the cheek, then to Maureen [Joyce] for another kiss. Coming toward me, he was watching Brokaw out of the corner of his eye. I stuck out my hand and said 'Hello, Dan.' He shook hands and leaned toward me in a daze. I felt a wet kiss on the side of my face."
- Former CBS News President Ed Joyce describing Dan Rather's arrival at a birthday party for CBS executive Van Gordon Sauter. Recounted in his book, Prime Times, Bad Times.


Phil Donahue


Phil Donahue: "Let's fight communism by making it safe for your mother to be on the New York subway. Let's fight communism that way. Let's make America work. You and the Reagan ideologues have spent us into oblivion - our children are going to have to pay this bill - and you step forward, like some religious figure saying, 'more bombs, more bullets, let's get the beachhead!' Now the beachhead, as, like, Managua's a beachhead like World War II. You're living like in an old '40's movie..."
Pat Buchanan: "Phil, calm down."
- exchange on the April 25 Donahue.




"Ortega threatens to attack if Contras refuse to bend"
- Washington Times, May 2.

"Ortega Denounces 'Pseudo-Leaders' of Labor"
- New York Times, same day

- Washington Post: No Story


Reagan Legacy


"I think that when you have the kind of problems that are being created for the future, that you just simply have to raise taxes. Period. And that the big tax cuts, coupled with the increase in the military spending was an unhealthy thing for the country."

"I'm kind of surprised at President Reagan, because based on his personal history in Hollywood, I'm surprised he has not been an advocate of civil rights....I had heard that he was very open minded, broad minded person, that he cared about human rights....But the record is abysmal."
- CBS News correspondent Lesley Stahl on Howard Cosell's Speaking of Everything, April 10.


Media Bias


"In trying to scotch the idea of liberal bias in news coverage, defenders of the press rely on precisely the sort of argument they would reject if made by others. The argument...goes like this: even if most journalists are liberal, their professionalism prevents this from influencing their stories. Now, what if a judicial nominee said he was a racist but that this wouldn't affect his view on civil rights cases?...Who'd buy such an argument? Not the press."
- New Republic Senior Editor Fred Barnes, quoted in William Rusher's new book, The Coming Battle for the Media.

"It was an ultra-insiders game of gossip and nitpicking that turned presidential campaign coverage into trivial pursuits...In my judgment reporters try to be objective. But try as they do they just can't help but see the world through liberal colored glasses."
- Senator Bob Dole on the Senate floor, April 26.

"All our time and energy is enough to get the news on the air, much less put a spin on it."
- ABC News Political Director Hal Bruno reacting to Dole. Quoted by CNN's Inside Politics '88, April 27.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Richard Marois, Patrick Swan, Dorothy Warner; Media Analysts
- Cynthia Bulman; Administrative Assistant