Notable Quotables - 05/30/1988


Soviet Religious Tolerance


"Seventy years after it fell under the boot of communism, religion is born again in the Soviet Union. With its roots in the very heart of the Kremlin, the spirit is moving today. This is the CBS Evening News. Dan Rather reporting again tonight from inside the Kremlin. Good evening."
- opening the broadcast, May 26.

"Soviets Criticize Reagan Plan to Meet Refuseniks"
- Washington Post, next morning


Campaign '88


"But if Dukakis can balance these budgets without new taxes or drastic program cuts, he'll have one more reason next fall to claim he can work miracles."
- ABC News reporter Joe Bergantino on the Massachusetts budget deficit, May 4.

"For the past 12 months, Dukakis has waltzed and worked his way across America with his message the government can work better than it does. Like Dukakis himself it is an appeal that is more practical than passionate, as optimistic as he is self-confident."
- Reporter Gail Harris on ABC's World News Tonight, May 18.

"Dukakis Moves In on G.O.P.'s Issues: Democrat takes up crime, drugs, the family (and Noriega)"
- New York Times, May 21.

"Calif. Hecklers dog Duke again: Called a 'baby killer'"
- Boston Herald, same day.




"What happens when the man you marry becomes a woman? Transsexuals and their wives are the focus of this edition of Geraldo."
- Geraldo Rivera opening his show, May 16.


Mars Mission


"Perhaps the most important benefit of a joint mission to Mars has little to do with exploring space and everything to do with surviving on earth. A manned Mars mission would take at least 20 years to plan and complete. Years of cooperation that could build bonds of friendship needed to prevent nuclear war."
- John Holliman, CNN PrimeNews, May 25.




"We should note again that the decision to pull out of Afghanistan was a major one for Mikhail Gorbachev, and a clear signal to people here and to Ronald Reagan in Washington that Gorbachev's number one priority here is not foreign adventures but solving problems here at home in the Soviet Union."
- Garrick Utley, NBC Nightly News, May 15.


Soviet Military


"For all his tanks, Yazov contends the Soviet Union invests no more in its military than the United States does, and that he and his political bosses would like to spend less on defense. But Yazov says there will be no cuts in the size of his forces without corresponding reductions in the West."
- Reporter David Martin concluding his "exclusive" interview with the Soviet military Chief of Staff.


Jim Wright


"Gingrich blasts Wright, expects to bring charges"
- Washington Times, May 20.

"In Response to Group's Call for Ethics Probe, Wright Defends his Record"
- Washington Post, same day.


Lesley Stahl


Don Regan: "What's the bottom line of the Reagan Administration? It's a great record."
Lesley Stahl: "Bottom line. Largest deficits in history. Largest debtor nation. Can't afford to fix the housing emergency."
- Exchange on Face the Nation, May 15.




"Hill group demands compliance from Sandinistas"
- Washington Times, May 26.

- Washington Post and New York Times: No story

"Nicaragua kicks out free-lance reporter"
- Washington Times, page one, May 23 [Headline in large letters]

"U.S. Says Journalist Expelled by Nicaragua"
- Washington Post, next day, page A19 [Headline in much smaller letters]


INF Treaty


"Oh, what difference does it make. I don't know what sign he'll be under when he leaves or when he gets over there."
- Senator Jesse Helms reacting to complaints his INF treaty amendments are embarrassing President Reagan.


Ed Meese


"I've been battling the son of a bitch ever since he became Attorney General. I don't like him."
- Senator Lowell Weicker quoted by CNN anchor Bernard Shaw on the May 18 PrimeNews.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Richard Marois, Patrick Swan, Dorothy Warner; Media Analysts
- Cynthia Bulman; Administrative Assistant