Notable Quotables - 06/27/1988


Jim Wright


"If Attorney General Ed Meese were not under investigation for alleged unethical behavior, if Reagan intimate Mike Deaver had not been convicted of perjury, if former Reaganite Lyn Nofziger had not been convicted for ethical violations, would House Speaker Jim Wright now be the subject of a preliminary House investigation into some of his activities? A lot of Wright supporters say no, and some experts agree."
- Reporter Candy Crowley, CNN PrimeNews, June 11.

"The GOP response will be to rebut Meese with Wright...This line, however, assumes not only that both men are equally guilty or innocent, but also that the charges against them are equally grave. And they are not. The accusations against Wright, though serious, are not quite so weighty as those against Meese, and Wright has by far the better defense."
- Time Senior Writer George Church, June 27 issue.

"Outside lawyer sought for Wright probe"
- Washington Times, June 13.

"Combative Wright Hits 'Flimsy' Case"
- Washington Post, same day.


Carl Rowan


"Anyone found in possession of a handgun except a legitimate officer of the law goes to jail - period."
- Carl Rowan in a 1981 column.

"The gun lobby continues to work the White House and Congress to the point of guaranteeing that almost any nut in any neighborhood can turn his house into an arsenal."
- Rowan in a 1986 column.

David Brinkley: "Suppose somebody was breaking into your house at night, and you didn't have a gun. Wouldn't you wish you had one?"
Sam Donaldson: "No, I'd call the police immediately, I'd slam the doors, I'd cower under the bed, or in the closet..."
Brinkley: "George?"
George Will: "I'd call Carl Rowan."
- exchange on This Week with David Brinkley, June 19.




"Inflation rate dips slightly in May"
- Washington Times, June 22.

"Consumer Prices Up Slightly During May"
- Washington Post, same day.

"We begin with money, the economy. The good news and the bad. The Reagan Administration predicted today that the economy will continue to grow at a healthy rate this year, and that inflation will hold steady at 4.3 percent. But behind that is a disturbing figure. The federal deficit is deeper than the law allows, and NBC News has learned that automatic cuts in spending, across the board, look likely."
- Garrick Utley opening the June 23 NBC Nightly News.




"In one nice touch, Soviet television reproduced a documentary on the Soviet Union, introduced with the apology that the film gave an excessively glamorous portrait of the country and failed to reflect the ferocious self-criticism currently under way."
- Financial Times Moscow correspondent Quentin Peel, reporting on Soviet criticism of Ted Turner's Portrait of the Soviet Union.


Campaign '88


"Dukakis is a centrist."
- Los Angeles Times reporter Robert Scheer on The McLaughlin Group, weekend of June 11.

"I believe that a majority of the American people now accept the views I advocated in 1972. To repudiate the McGovern Democrats in 1988 is to repudiate what is now the mainstream of the Democratic Party."
- George McGovern, quoted by The Washington Post, June 22.

"Nancy Kassebaum: Feverish attack on her in Human Events temporarily boosts profile of Kansas Senator."
- Newsweek's "Conventional Wisdom" column on vice presidential prospects, June 13.

"Dukakis would junk SDI, MX missiles"
- Washington Times, June 15.

"Dukakis Adopts Centrist Stance: On National Security Policy, He Seeks to Reassure Establishment"
- Washington Post, on same speech, next day.


El Salvador


"The United States' policy was to make El Salvador a shining example of democracy in the Third World. But after years of trying, and three billion dollars spent here already, the United States may be on the brink of a monumental foreign policy failure. Signs of the upset are clearly seen in the imminent shakeup of the officer corps. Top Salvadoran military officers tell us that they have agreed to voluntarily step aside in favor of junior commanders who are demanding total war against El Salvador's Marxist insurgency... But the communists, other U.S. policy makers say, cannot be defeated by increased military action. If El Salvador abandons democracy in favor of death squads and repression, they say, that will mean failure."
- NBC reporter Ed Rabel on the June 10 Nightly News.




"Fraud probe looks toward Democrats"
- Washington Times, June 20.

"Justice Dept. Hit on Pentagon Probe: Keep Case Out of Main Agency's Hands, Two Lawmakers Urge"
- Washington Post, same day.


Headlines of the Month


"Enquirer Survey Reveals: More People Recognize Alf Than Dukakis!"
- National Enquirer, June 21.

"Freight train hits mayor's limousine, ruins his day"
- Washington Times, June 21.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Richard Marois, Patrick Swan, Dorothy Warner; Media Analysts
- Cynthia Bulman; Administrative Assistant