Notable Quotables - 10/17/1988


Campaign '88: VP Debate


"We're supposed to be dispassionate, reporters. And of course, we aren't. We try to report objectively, and so I'm a little reluctant to say it: I find it very difficult to believe that eventually, conceivably, Dan Quayle would sit down and negotiate with Mikhail Gorbachev. It doesn't seem to make sense...And yet, you take a look at polls today, and apparently he did very well with those who believe that he is a decent possibility as Vice President."
- 60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace on Late Night with David Letterman, October 6.

"Perhaps there's some advantage to Senator Bentsen's longer tenure on Capitol Hill, some greater facility with the facts, an instinct for which ones to use and when and how. For on the facts, he clearly had a much better night last night than Senator Quayle."
- ABC's Jim Wooten, October 6 World News Tonight.




"Size, Scope of 'Star Wars' Cut: Fewer Weapons and Smaller Budget Sought"
- Washington Post, October 7.

"SDI plans bolstered by technical advance"
- Washington Times, same day.


Supreme Court


"Bush broke a tie vote in the Senate to confirm Appeals Court Judge Daniel Manion, an obscure conservative opposed by the Deans of 44 major law schools. Dukakis, as Governor of Massachusetts, used a non-partisan advisory commission in naming judges, and says he would do the same as President."
- NBC's Carl Stern on how the presidential candidates will select Supreme Court justices, October 10.

"Although the court today is roughly balanced, three of the four liberal justices, William Brennan, Thurgood Marshall and Harry Blackmun..."
- Stern on NBC Nightly News, October 10.

"On the other hand, ultra-conservative Antonin Scalia..."
- Stern, two days later.


Campaign '88


NBC announcer: "He's a handsome and charismatic Senator. He's campaigning for a place in the White House."
Clip of a scene: "Do you think a man should be Vice President because he looks good on television?"
Announcer: "But something in his past could cost him the election." [Shot of a woman in lingerie]
Clip of a scene: "What an interesting hero we have here."
Announcer: "From out of today's headlines comes the most provocative mini-series of the year. Beginning October 30: Favorite Son."
- NBC promo aired after October 13 debate.

"A joke circulating in Washington says George Bush reminds every woman of her first husband. Maybe so, but Dukakis reminds every husband of his first wife's lawyer."
- Joe Sobran in a September 22 column.

"It's this kind of rhetoric [Bush on the pledge of allegiance] that leads some to recall Samuel Johnson's observation that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."
- Reporter Lisa Myers on NBC Nightly News, September 20.

"Not only is the campaign getting stale, it's getting a little gruesome, and Dukakis may be sending the wrong message. He may be convincing voters the issue is: 'Do you vote for Bush and hope he lives, or Dukakis and hope he doesn't?'"
- CNN political analyst Frederick Allen, October 11.

NBC News reporter Ken Bode: "Jimmy Carter offers the often wooden Dukakis this advice on style:"
Carter: "Just be himself and let his natural warmth come through."
- October 13.




"Reagan came to power largely because he promised to revive the American Dream, which he said was being strangled by high taxation...The double whammy of higher prices and higher taxes cut into the purchasing power of the middle class more than into that of the rich. Reagan's tax cuts only worsened the skew... Growing inequality could even threaten those who now benefit from it by putting an end to the economic expansion. An extreme concentration of wealth and income during the 1920s was a leading cause of the Great Depression...Today there are disturbing parallels....What to do?...Making the income tax system more progressive would seem an obvious step....When the time comes to increase taxes to balance the budget - and come it will, however much politicians shrink in horror from the "T" word-consideration must be given to making the wealthy pay a larger share."
- From an article titled "Are You Better Off?" in the October 10 Time.

"George Bush and Michael Dukakis have talked up various ways of knocking back that huge deficit, everything except a tax increase. CBS News business correspondent Ray Brady tonight looks beyond the campaign avoidances of discussion of new taxes, to the economic realities."
- Dan Rather, October 11 CBS Evening News.


Environment: Version One


"Victims of Love Canal in New York, stamped forever on our memories and on our environment. Forgotten old buried waste, toxic fumes, chromosome damage in 30 percent of citizens tested....And from Times Beach, Missouri, dioxin-tainted oil used to coat the dusty roads. It spreads in a flood: a chance of cancer in a community."
- Reporter Greg Dobbs in an ABC News Special, Burning Questions: The Poisoning of America, September 8.


Environment: Version Two


"Now the EPA says dioxin may be 16 times less dangerous than they thought during the Times Beach scare....And then there's the most famous case, Love Canal in upstate New York....Everyone was certain that toxic wastes there had already caused birth defects and cancer....But several years later, the Center for Disease Control did a more scientific assessment of the dangers and said the cancer rates of Love Canal residents were no higher than average."
- ABC reporter John Stossel on 20/20, last March 18.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Richard Marois, Patrick Swan, Dorothy Warner; Media Analysts
- Cynthia Bulman; Administrative Assistant