Notable Quotables - 10/31/1988


Campaign '88: Dukakis


"The huge newsroom staff, thought (by me) to be viscerally Democratic and L- - - - - - in its sympathies, lurks in the wings as a sort of silent, nonvoting regiment of Jiminy Crickets, peering, in a metaphorical sense, over the shoulders of the editorial custodians of the newspaper's 'soul.' They would, if given a vote, go like a shot, I suspect, for Dukakis."
- Washington Post Ombudsman Richard Harwood, October 30.

"The Dukakis campaign events tend to be more interesting, both in terms of the type of message he is now delivering and the events he's scheduling. They're combative and compelling. The message is much sharper, it's specific, it's repetitive and it contains - excuse the expression - some passion."
- CBS News Senior Political Producer Brian Healy, quoted in the Washington Post, October 29.

"Ohio matters because it's big, 23 electoral votes, and because it's a model of America. Parts of the state are the rust belt, depressed, still trying to recover and cope with the changing economy, and knowledge and that the old high paid jobs may never come back. Parts, like the capital Columbus, booming, full of construction."
- CBS News reporter Bruce Morton, October 17.

"Bush, striving socially down, Dukakis striving moralistically up....George Bush, the privileged embodiment of America's unearned graces, its abundance, its allure. Michael Dukakis, the individualistic embodiment of America's earned grace, its striving and performance."
- Garry Wills concluding PBS's Campaign: The Choice, October 24.


Grenada Liberation


"Prosperity Eludes Grenada 5 Years After Invasion"
- Washington Post, October 25.

"Grenada invasion halted communism in its tracks"
- Washington Times, same day.


Campaign '88: Crime


"Obviously, I am for Dukakis."
- Convicted murder Willie Horton in USA Today, October 19.

"Condemned killer John Wayne Gacy has sent a letter of complaint to GOP officials in Illinois. He says it was sleazy of them to issue campaign leaflets stating that he would have been eligible for weekend prison passes if he had committed his 33 murders in Massachusetts."
- CNN PrimeNews anchor Bernard Shaw, October 26.


Campaign '88: Quayle


"From a distance of two feet Quayle looks younger than he is, his face smooth and creamy, as if unmarked by life. He's good-looking, no denying that. If he were a woman he would he described as beautiful. His facial bones are delicate, and his mouth is what pulp fiction writers call sensual."
- New Republic politics editor and former Newsweek reporter Hendrik Hertzberg, October 31.


Black Monday Anniversary


"Last October, Americans did not panic and send the economy itself into a nose dive. But as Hastings-on-Hudson looks toward Wall Street, it worries, along with the rest of the U.S., whether we'd be that lucky if there's a next time."
- Irving R. Levine, NBC Nightly News, October 16.




"Let's suppose that I'm 12 and I was sexually molested by my father and I become pregnant, would you want me to carry that baby to term?

But don't you think this would ruin my whole life? I mean, it's not even my fault and my whole life would be ruined. I would have to drop out of school, I would be ridiculed for the rest of my life and probably never get a good job.

But it would still have negative psychological effects on me, and what if, when I grow up, I become an incestuous mother?

So you would want me to have the baby even though my whole life could be ruined and I could be mentally affected?

Well, why wouldn't you allow me to have an abortion? If it wasn't my fault I was pregnant?

So although you're not actually killing me, you would sacrifice my prospects for the future for that baby?"
- Eleven-year-old Children's Express reporter Suki Chong's questions to Dan Quayle. Interview aired in entirety for the three minutes on the October 26 CBS Evening News.


Drug Trafficking


"Bank is Charged by U.S. With Money-Laundering"
- New York Times front page, October 12.

"Indicted bank had links to Carter, Clifford, Lance"
- Washington Times, next day.

- New York Times and Washington Post: No Story


Political Labeling


"Now we turn to two experts with different views on the environment. Kent Jeffreys is a Policy Analyst on energy and environmental issues for the Heritage Foundation, a Washington based conservative think tank. And Carl Pope is National Director, National Political Director, rather, of the Sierra Club, a non-profit environmental public interest group."
- Judy Woodruff introducing guests on the October 26 MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour.


Campaign '88: Defense


"If these options turn into decisions, there would be very little daylight left between George Bush and Michael Dukakis on defense."
- Reporter David Martin concluding story on how Bush may cancel two Navy carriers and reduces the bomber program. CBS Evening News, October 20.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Richard Marois, Patrick Swan, Dorothy Warner; Media Analysts
- Cynthia Bulman; Administrative Assistant