Notable Quotables - 11/14/1988


Campaign '88: The Media


"[After the Quayle attack], we then became the focus because George Bush very brilliantly manipulated the whole issue around to us, which I predict is going to become an increasing problem in this administration. And we always stand naked to it because we can't hit back."
- CBS News National Affairs Correspondent Lesley Stahl, appearing as a panelist on ABC's Viewpoint, November 9.

"It's not our place to attack [Quayle]. It's not our place to defend him. It's our place to get out what he said. And then we try to square it with the record, we try to square it with the facts. But we are not there to attack....It's not our place to attack."
- Sam Donaldson on Viewpoint, November 9.


Election Night: Dan Rather


"In Georgia, Bush has cut through Dukakis's hopes like a jackknife through peaches."

"In the national vote...if those margins stayed that way, it would be an absolute tee-total-me-mortal blowout for George Bush."

"George Bush, out of the blocks about as fast as Flo-Jo, our great runner in the Olympics."

"Our CBS News estimate is that incumbent Republican Senator William Roth has beaten off the challenge of Lieutenant Governor S.B. Woo. Who? Woo."

"For Michael Dukakis, it isn't over for him, but his back's to the wall, his shirt tail's on fire, and the bill collector is at the door."

"In Nebraska, George Bush turns out to be the best milker on the farm getting the five electoral votes out here."

"Fish have to swim, birds got to fly, and Republicans have to win in Arizona, George Bush does, gets its seven electoral college votes."

"Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, seeking a third term, has beaten back lawyer Robert McMillan. We say 'beaten back McMillan,' a lot of people thought that McMillan had as much business in this race as a moose in a phone booth."

"Well Bob, correct me if I'm wrong, but Wyoming's had a, both Senators been a Republican since well before Trigger was a colt."
- Insights from Dan Rather, November 8.


Campaign '88: Civil Rights


"If I'm a person who's concerned about what I see as a deteriorating state of race relations in the country, which George Bush am I going to get: the one who voted for fair housing in '68 when it was unpopular, or the man who selected Dan Quayle, who has a terrible civil rights record?....Can you deny that the Willie Horton ad tapped a rather rich vein of American racism?"
- questions asked by NBC Today host Bryant Gumbel in an interview with George Bush, November 2.

"Mr. Vice President, you spoke during the campaign about your desire to eradicate bigotry, yet you campaigned hardly at all in black neighborhoods and didn't receive very many black votes. Specifically, what are you prepared to do to assure these Americans that the next four years will not be a continuation of the last eight?"
- NBC News reporter Lisa Myers, posing a question to Bush during November 9 press conference.


The Homeless


CNN Reporter Bob Franken: "The nation's capital has seen many protests on behalf of the homeless. But this one was a bit unusual because this one featured that symbol of conspicuous consumption, actress Cher."
Cher: "I've realized that it's not good to enjoy life in my house if you guys don't have a house too."
Franken: "Cher did not stick around to be arrested. She was in town to promote her new perfume called 'Uninhibited.' It sells for $65 dollars for a quarter ounce."
- CNN PrimeNews, November 7.


Tax Hike


"The squeeze is on and a modest tax increase would help a lot, but the candidates rule it out. Bush's no new taxes position seems to mean that taxes would go up only if there were an economic crisis. That drastically limits the flexibility any government should have. Is it smart to wait for a crisis? Bush has accused Dukakis of being for unilateral disarmament, yet Bush has disarmed himself by promising no new taxes. Taxes are one of the most important economic weapons a government has."
- John Chancellor, November 2 NBC Nightly News.


Campaign '88: Final Comments


"And when you cut away the underbrush and ignore their 30 second commercials you find that both hold political views somewhere near the center."
- David Brinkley on ABC's World News Tonight, November 8.

"Dukakis offers more of a risk and potentially more of a reward. His selection would mark a return to more communal values, as the nation gave liberalism another chance to adapt to a changed environment and redeem its faith in activist government."
- Time Senior Writer Walter Shapiro, November 7 issue.

"All over Texas there were these enormous billboards beside the highway saying, 'Mike Dukakis is going to take your guns away.' Now Mike Dukakis has no intention of doing that, but it took him an inordinately long time in Texas to respond to that early campaign against him there....There are people in the country who think George Bush won not in a landslide, but a mudslide."
- ABC's Peter Jennings, election night.


The Economy


"The unemployment rate did go down one tenth of a percent last month to 5.3 percent. That's the same as it was in June. It's the lowest in 14 years, although many people who are back employed are not working for the salaries they used to."
- Peter Jennings on World News Tonight, November 4.


Headline of the Month


"Underlying Flaws in Economy Mar Legacy of Reagan Years: Despite Successes on Inflation and Jobs, Problems of Deficits, Productivity, Wealth, Savings and Other Indices Cloud Outlook for Future"
- Washington Post, November 13.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Richard Marois, Patrick Swan, Dorothy Warner; Media Analysts
- Cynthia Bulman; Administrative Assistant