Obama's Biggest Fan Gets an Early Christmas Gift; "From Superman to Sisyphus"

Vol. 26, No. 24

Obama’s #1 Fan Gets an Early Christmas Gift


“I’ve got the Christmas Eve excitement brewing right here at Hardball. Because tomorrow night at precisely this time, 7:00 Eastern, the President of the United States is going to join us....Big night, big questions, big opportunity. I hope the President names — or actually, makes the best of tomorrow night.”
— MSNBC host Chris Matthews on the December 4 Hardball, previewing his interview with President Obama.

“I’m not sure what Chris Matthews was doing with President Obama yesterday, but it wasn’t hardball. It wasn’t even softball. It was more like wiffle ball....It was as though Matthews was channeling Jay Carney.... Maybe he was getting a reprise of the famous thrill up the leg. This was clearly a home game for Obama.”
— Longtime Washington Post and CNN media critic Howard Kurtz, writing at FoxNews.com, December 6.



Drooling Over Obama: “He’s Gone from Superman to Sisyphus”


“I would like to say, Chris, that you and the students here from AU [American University] got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see in person a President talking about what it’s like to be President while he’s actually President. Now, he’s gone from Superman to Sisyphus.”
— Longtime Newsweek political correspondent Howard Fineman, now a Huffington Post writer, on MSNBC’s Hardball, December 5, following MSNBC’s interview with Obama.



Insisting Web Site “Fix” Will Cause Repeal Effort to “Fizzle Out Completely”


“Time for my Tuesday Takeaway: With 750,000 visitors to the site yesterday without a crash and the Obama administration now confident that the Web site is functioning — at least for consumers the way it was intended to, not necessarily yet for the health insurance companies — the Republican repeal movement may actually now fizzle out completely.”
— NBC political director Chuck Todd on MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown, December 3.



Using Lame Talking Points to Suggest ObamaCare Not a Calamity


Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Michigan): “They’re trying to make this a political fight. When you have somebody who just lost their insurance, and by the way, there are millions of people who got cancellation notices. And the next go-round on the business side is 80 to 100 million people will get cancellation notices....They’re making a horrible mistake by trying to make this political. Real people are getting hurt by this.”
Host David Gregory:
“But Congressman, you talk about confiscation. The reality is there’s also a lot of people who are going to have the potential to get insurance who never had insurance. And you have a small piece of the market where people may lose plans. Many of those will get better plans in the individual market. The insurance companies recognize those are there.”
: “But David, that’s not true....”
— Exchange on NBC’s Meet the Press, December 1.



Obama Like a “Brilliant Writer” with “Bad Handwriting”


“I think I would compare it [the ObamaCare fiasco], Andrea, to a brilliant writer, perhaps, with a great theme who turns in a paper with a lot of misspellings, or bad handwriting. It’s a bad way to roll out something. With all the great strengths, potentially, of a national health care system along these lines, the way it was rolled out has hurt it. It hurt its reputation. It’s given the other side a lot of talking points to use against the President generally in terms of his competence.”
Hardball host Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, December 3.



If You Oppose ObamaCare, You’re “Anti-American”...


“Apparently the Queen of the Tea Party is delighted about ObamaCare’s rocky rollout. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann said ObamaCare’s problems are the opportunity of a lifetime because liberalism is crumbling right in front of our eyes. I’m glad to see Michele Bachmann is so happy about a law’s problem. I think it’s fair to call Michele Bachmann’s attitude anti-American....Under ObamaCare, people’s lives will be saved. It’s an absolute. And I think it’s fair to say that Michele Bachmann wanting to deny 30 million Americans health care is anti-American. I think it’s also fair to say Michele Bachmann wanting a law to fail is anti-American.”
— Ed Schultz hosting MSNBC’s The Ed Show, November 20.


...And God Won’t Be Too Happy, Either

“I’ll tell you what I think God thinks of the Affordable Care Act — it’s a big ‘amen.’”
— Ed Schultz answering viewers’ questions on MSNBC’s The Ed Show, December 4.



Don’t Worry, Obama’s Lies Are for Our Own Good


Clip of columnist Peggy Noonan on ABC: “That is another reputation changer, and I think that’s problematic for the President going forward.”
Fill-in anchor Rosa Flores: “
So, L.Z., is Peggy Noonan right?”
CNN contributor L.Z. Granderson:
“You know, Peggy Noonan has made a living scrubbing clean President Reagan’s administration and all the atrocities that it’s committed....Now with President Obama, it is true. He should have been more forthright with how the Affordable Care Act was going to impact the country. But with that being said, all Americans know politicians lie. The question is, which lies can you live with? And, time and time again, Americans have said we can deal with the lies that President Obama tells us because we believe in his heart, he has the best interest for the American people.”
— Exchange on CNN’s Newsroom, December 1.



Always Blaming Those Rascally Republicans


CBS contributor Nancy Giles: “It really irks me when people who hate government get elected into government to then dismantle the government and then say, ‘Look at how bad government is.’”
Host Chris Hayes:
“But in this case, but in this case, though, here’s the thing. In this case, though, right, it wasn’t, there were all sorts of ways in which Republicans sabotaged HealthCare.Gov.”
— MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, November 27.

Like Auburn, ObamaCare Scores an Electrifying Last-Minute Touchdown!


“If you’re for ObamaCare, you’ve got to play like Auburn. You got to play every play. You can’t ever give up. You just got to keep going....[over video of real football game] Holy smokes, we’ve got a return by ObamaCare! This is Chris Davis. He’s a believer! He’s got all those Obama blockers out there. He’s going to go all the way! It’s going to work! It’s going to work! Look at ObamaCare! It’s going to work! They ain’t giving up. 109 yards in Jordan Harris Stadium! 87,000 fans loving every bit of it, and guess what? Four times that many people went to the website and signed up today.”
— Ed Schultz on MSNBC’s The Ed Show, December 2. NBC News subsequently reported only 29,000 people signed up during the first two days of December, not the 348,000 Schultz implied.



MSNBC Analyst Admits: Media “Failed to Scrutinize” ObamaCare

Fill-in host Laura Ingraham: “These are real concerns that were expressed frankly back in 2008, 2009 and into 2010. And forgive me, but I don’t think Time magazine was doing cover stories on a lot of the concerns that were raised back then that were routinely dismissed by many in the media, as ideological, as just mean-spirited. Turns out most of the Republican concerns about ObamaCare were right.”
/MSNBC political analyst Mark Halperin: “Laura, there is no doubt that the press failed to scrutinize this program at the time of passage and during the context of the President’s re-election. I think any reporter who would argue otherwise would be putting their head in the sand.”
— Exchange on FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor, November 21.



Blame the Tea Party for JFK’s Assassination?

“To find the very roots of the Tea Party of 2013, just go back to downtown Dallas in 1963, back to the months and weeks leading to the Kennedy assassination. It was where and when a deeply angry political polarization, driven by a band of zealots, burst wide open in America....But here we are in 2013 and the echo is painfully clear: The ad hominem attacks against a ‘socialist president.’ The howling broadcasters. The mega-rich men from Texas funding the political action campaigns. There is even another charismatic, Ivy-educated ideologue: Sen. Ted Cruz would have been quite comfortable in Dallas 1963.”
— Essay by University of Texas journalism professor Bill Minutaglio, in a special JFK assassination section in the November 22 Washington Post, titled: (online) “Essay: Tea party has roots in the Dallas of 1963,” (in print) “In 1963, the roots of a paranoid right.”



Barack Obama, the “Perfect Physical Specimen”


“Chris Christie, is his weight a genuine issue for the American people after a fit athletic president who turned out to be not quite what people thought?...After the perfect Barack Obama — who’s a perfect physical specimen to many people’s eyes — does it matter?”
— CNN host Piers Morgan talking to crisis management expert Judy Smith on Piers Morgan Live, December 1.



ABC Asks: Will Marriage Be Better with Four in a Bed?


“Is this the end of marriage as we know it? More couples opting to become triples or fourples. Live in lovers spicing up the marital bed, even helping raise the children....Most marriages in America do end in divorce, so maybe adding other lovers to the mix could improve the odds.”
Nightline co-anchor Dan Harris setting up a November 26 story on families where the marriages consist of multiple partners.



“Embarrassing” How Americans Don’t Embrace Obama’s Wonderfulness


“This is the only the country in the world where we don’t have health care. Countries embarrass us around the world. And this is the only country in the world, we don’t have a gun law. I watched you, you know, talk about that. You know, quite frankly it’s embarrassing. Obama is not embarrassing. The country is embarrassing.”
— Movie producer Harvey Weinstein on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live, November 15.



“Millions of Lives” Already Saved by ObamaCare


“For over 100 years we have tried to reform our healthcare system, and EVERY president before Barack Obama FAILED! Yes, we initially wanted single payer, and we had to compromise back in 2009 for the Affordable Care Act. But, it is a damn good piece of legislation that has already saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives. So, let us not give up now.”
— Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons in a November 21 article at HuffingtonPost.com.



NBC Drama Pontificates on the Joy of Voting for Obama


“Casting my ballot for Obama in ’08 was one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever done. You know, like thinking about how far we’ve come, and that I helped to elect the first black President. I mean, I never thought that would happen in my lifetime.”
— “Jasmine Trussell,” played by actress Joy Bryant, in a scene from the November 21 episode of NBC’s Parenthood.

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