Rejecting Liberal Moderators = “Suppressing a Free Media”

Vol. 26, No. 16

Rejecting Liberal Moderators = “Suppressing a Free Media”

“Reince Priebus is on the warpath again. The RNC chairman who has made bones trying to suppress African Americans’ votes, now has a plan to suppress a free media. Having waged war on the 15th Amendment, the one that gave African Americans the right to vote, he’s now battening down the hatches on a free press....If NBC dares to run a planned mini-series on Hillary, Reince Priebus has decreed it will have no role in Republican debates. Same for CNN: If it does a documentary on Hillary, it’s dead as far as Priebus is concerned. It will be pushed out in the cold while Republicans stick to Fox and other platforms that will meet their terms.”
— Chris Matthews opening MSNBC’s Hardball, August 6.


Irony Watch: MSNBC vs. Partisan “Echo Chambers”

“The RNC has threatened to end its partnership with CNN and NBC in hosting the 2016 GOP primary debates if they don’t cancel plans for the biopics about Hillary Clinton....Does that mean you just want to scream into an echo chamber?... You’re just going to say, we’re going to take our marbles and go home, because you think there is implicit bias, because someone asks hard questions?”
— Anchor Thomas Roberts to RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer on MSNBC Live, August 15.

“Priebus is wading dangerously into an ideology which even he has warned against. That would be party isolationism....This is how you do it [broaden the party]? By shutting out news outlets and retreating to your own Fox News echo chamber? If he gets his way, it isn’t new voices that the party will be hearing and reaching, just their own.”
— Guest host Michael Smerconish on MSNBC’s Hardball, August 8.

Host Ed Schultz: “RNC Chairman Reince Priebus would like all of us to believe that he is threatening to boycott NBC and CNN in the run up to the 2016 presidential election because of planned projects on Hillary Clinton. However, it might just be a convenient excuse....The conservatives, the Republicans, you see, they are concerned about a poor debate performance because they’re shaky on the issues. That’s the bottom line....Obviously there’s embarrassment there, correct?”
’s Joan Walsh: Yes. There’s absolute embarrassment. He’s trying to hide his candidates. He’s going to have a crackpot set of candidates in 2016, just like he had in 2012, and he’s afraid of that. He’s a big crybaby, and he’s playing to the base. He’s telling the base “Oh, the horrible liberal media is after us again.”...They want to be in their hermetically-sealed Fox universe talking to one another.”
— MSNBC’s The Ed Show, August 10.


Claims of Media Bias Just a GOP Fundraising Scam

Anchor Andrea Mitchell: “And Chris Cillizza, what do you make of all of this, what the Republican Party is trying to do in response to what we, a lot of us feel, is a really bad idea, which are these Hillary films?”
Post’s Chris Cillizza: “Right, look, I think there’s a couple of things going on here, Andrea, that are not immediately evident but are probably the real motivation. I think the biggest thing, frankly, is fundraising. Look, attacking Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media for propping up Hillary Clinton, which is what Reince Priebus is alleging, is absolute gold, almost literally gold, for the Republican Party and their small donor base, who reacts vehemently and with their wallets to that sort of thing.”
— MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, August 8.


How Can We Put Pressure on “Overwhelmingly White” GOP?

“Part of the political logic behind immigration reform was the strong showing by Latino voters last November, you know. That doesn’t seem to resonate with a lot of House Republicans, who represent overwhelmingly white districts. What other political leverage can you bring to bear to help move a bill in the House?”
— NPR’s Scott Horsley to President Obama at his August 9 news conference.

“They [Republican House members] are very much freelance artists, at this point, trying to win in those districts that are overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly conservative. That’s the way that these maps were redrawn. And they don’t even have any incentive to go out and broaden the base of the party, because those aren’t the people who are in their backyards.”
Washington Post’s Nia-Malika Henderson on MSNBC’s PoliticsNation, August 6.

“How does this President get past the folks who say ‘No’ on everything? Is there no incentive for the GOP to work with the President on anything, ever, or do you think the disastrous poll numbers in terms of the congressional approval in this country — if those stay consistent — people are going to be like ‘Okay, really, we actually do need to get something done because the American public is ticked off?’”
— Anchor Alex Witt on MSNBC’s Weekends with Alex Witt, July 28.


Blaming Conservative “Parasites” for Detroit Disaster

“Conservatives are using the most insulting language possible that they can come up with to blame unions, blame black people, blame their culture, for Detroit’s troubles. But the real parasites, my friends, are their conservative ideals that are coming from state government and from the feds....Conservative policies which help businesses out for years — and are now saying, ‘We don’t want to fund public education. We’re not going to go down that road to health care. We don’t care what those workers did for all those years.’ These are the real parasites who gutted Detroit.”
— Host Ed Schultz on MSNBC’s The Ed Show, August 3.


MSNBC and Obama? We’re Really Not That Close


Host Chris Matthews: “By the way, those who talk about the tight relationship between MSNBC and Barack Obama, for example, count the number of times he’s been on this network. Zero. Michael Steele, thank you–”
Former RNC chairman Michael Steele:
“That still doesn’t say anything about what you’ve said about him.”
“Well, he agrees with us and we agree with him sometimes....I actually have my views and he tends to coincide with them.”
— Exchange on MSNBC’s Hardball, August 6.


Left-Leaning Bezos a “White Knight” and “Savior” for the Washington Post...

“Jeff Bezos, of course, is one of the guys who helped bring e-readers to America, helping to lure Americans away from traditional newspapers. Now he is being credited as a white knight with deep pockets helping to save one of this country’s great newspapers....Now an unlikely savior, CEO Jeff Bezos, who is keeping the management team and paying $250 million out of his own pocket to save the paper saying in a statement, ‘The values of the Post do not need changing. The paper’s duty will remain to its readers and not to the private interest of its owners.’”
— Correspondent Tom Costello on NBC’s Today, August 6.


...But “Naive” to Believe Conservative Murdoch Would Keep Hands Off the Journal

Correspondent Kelly Wallace: “He’s the man behind Fox News Channel and Britain’s Sky News, a conservative who put his imprint on the New York Post and brought topless women to The Sun in London. His critics say he may not impose tabloid on the Journal, but will impose his point of view.”
Columbia School of Journalism’s Arlene Morgan: “It’s almost naive for anybody to believe that he’s going to buy the Journal and keep his hands off of the editorial product.”
— From the
July 31, 2007 CBS Evening News, talking about Murdoch’s purchase of the Wall Street Journal.


CNN Host Uses “Inaccurate Fact” to Scold Guest


Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins: “In Virginia, there was a 16 percent increase in gun sales in 2012. That’s 490,119 guns were sold. Now you would expect, the way you speak, Piers, for violent crime to rise proportionally. It didn’t. It fell 5 percent. There were 4,378 incidents of violent crime. That includes those–”
Host Piers Morgan, interrupting:
“Which state has the highest murder rate in the country, according to the FBI? Do you know? In America?... Allow me to help you....Allow me to help you. It’s Virginia.”
“Can I say one other thing, Piers?”
“Well, no, because here is the point, Mr. Hawkins. It’s Virginia, the very state you just quoted to me actually has the highest murder rate in the country. According to 2009 statistics by the FBI.”
— CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, August 13. According to the FBI report Morgan cited,
Virginia’s murder rate was actually 24th; two nights later, Morgan apologized: “That was an inaccurate fact, and I’m happy to correct it now on air.”


If Only “Radical” Republicans Would Stop Obstructing Obama

“What do you think have been the most dramatic examples of partisanship or obstructionism or radicalism during this 113th Congress so far?”
— Host Terry Gross to New York Times congressional reporter Jonathan Weisman on NPR’s Fresh Air, July 31.

“In the news: The jobs report comes out today. It’s expected to be ‘meh.’ Many economists think the economy could be a lot better if Congress did its job, but the House is, again, threatening to shut down the government. We’ve been down this road before...but, with an approval rating of 17 percent, you’d think the House would come up with something new. Hahahahaaha.”
— CNN anchor Carol Costello, in an early morning posting to her Facebook page on August 2.


Kidnapper’s House of Horrors: Just Like the U.S. Military?

“The twisted house that Ariel Castro built was designed to protect himself and keep his victims silent and hidden. And in some American institutions that were designed to promote intellectual and political freedoms, we find instead this same culture of institutional self-preservation at the expense of survivors of sexual violence — on college and university campuses, where victims’ concerns go unaddressed and perpetrators go unpunished, and in the U.S. military where an epidemic of sexual assault is met with an unwillingness to protect soldiers who have been victimized, and a reluctance to prosecute their cases outside the chain of command.”
— MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry, August 3.


MSNBC Wishes Rush Limbaugh a Happy 25th Anniversary

“With his outrageous and horrible comments, he’s really more of a benefit to the Democratic Party....He is offensive in every way you can be offensive. He is racism in the big sense in term, of whole classes of people. There’s sexism in the big sense, and then there’s the direct personal attacks, which are also unbelievable.”
— MSNBC’s Krystal Ball on PoliticsNation, August 1, talking about the 25th anniversary of The Rush Limbaugh Show.


Americans Would Vote to Keep Black People “Out in the Field”


ESPN’s LZ Granderson: “To have the capital of the United States have a team with a racial slur as its mascot’s nickname, it’s not about political correctness. It’s about morality and it just seems to be immoral to continue to do that.”
Mediaite’s Joe Concha:
“Also, not what the fans want, L.Z., as well. And eight in 10 say don’t change it.”
Granderson: “I’m sure black people, if they were put to a vote, black people would still be out in the field. So, let’s not talk about morality put up to a vote.”
— Talking about the
Washington Redskins team name on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, August 8.

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