Best of NQ 2013

The Twenty-Sixth Annual Awards for the Year's Worst Reporting

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Media Coverage

In addition to discussions on numerous radio talk shows where hosts cited quotes or interviewed MRC representatives, the Best of NQ Awards issue has been highlighted by these outlets:





  • (Interviews as of 12/29) Portland, Oregon-based Lars Larson on his national show, Jan Mickelson on WHO in Des Moines, Bob Dutko on WMUZ in Detroit, Mark Larson on KCBQ in San Diego and Tron Simpson on KCMN in Colorado Springs, Mike Rosen on KOA in Denver and Greg Garrison on WIBC in Indianapolis.

Let Us Fluff Your Pillow Award
for Obsequious Obama Interviews


Barbara Walters (76 points)

“Mr. President, Mrs. Obama. There is a photograph of you [hugging] that went viral, became the most shared photograph in the history of Twitter. How do you keep the fire going?”
— Barbara Walters to the Obamas in an interview excerpt shown on ABC’s World News and Nightline, December 26, 2012. [MP3 Audio]


Chris Cuomo (45 points)

“What is more daunting to you: The prospects of protecting the free world, or dealing with a teenager and a near teen? What gives you more pause for concern?”
— CNN New Day host Chris Cuomo to Obama, August 23. [MP3 Audio]

Gwen Ifill (42 points)

“I interviewed Taylor Branch, the civil rights historian, for part of our series on the March on Washington yesterday, and one of the things he said was that you are a victim of partisan racial gridlock. That’s the way he put it. And you talked a moment ago about that a little bit. I wonder whether you think that’s true and, if so, what, if anything, the first African-American President can do to break through that kind of motivated gridlock?”
— PBS’s Gwen Ifill to President Obama in an interview shown on NewsHour, August 28. [MP3 Audio]

Sam Stein (22 points)

The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein: “With Speaker Boehner so far unwilling to hold a vote on a clean CR, what assurances can you give to those affected by a shutdown who are concerned about an even longer impasse? And how worried are you personally that your preferred solution to this — a clear CR at sequestration levels — may do harm to the nation’s economy and your second term agenda?”
President Obama: “Well, I mean, Sam, you’re making an important point....”
— Exchange at the President’s October 8 press conference. [MP3 Audio]