Bozell: Day 12 of Network ClimateGate Cover-up

ABC, CBS, NBC Ignore Latest Development in
"Greatest Scandal in Modern Science"

Alexandria, VA - ABC, CBS and NBC's collective silence on "ClimateGate" has reached ridiculous levels as the broadcast networks continued to ignore the great and growing scandal.

The bias by omission has now become scandalous.

Phil Jones announced yesterday that he is temporarily leaving his post as head of the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit pending the investigation into the controversial e-mails and documents that started ClimateGate. Yet none of the broadcast network weekday morning and evening news shows addressed ClimateGate or the incriminating Jones development since the news broke yesterday. This marked 12 days since the information was first uncovered that they have ignored this global scandal.

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell reacted:

"The networks' silence on ClimateGate is deafening. Scandal, cover-ups and conspiracy are the bread and butter of the media. Yet they have selectively and deliberately decided not to report this bombshell - or any of the incriminating details surrounding the scandal - because it goes against their left-wing agenda.

"To pretend this story simply doesn't exist is damning to journalism. The so-called 'news' media are protecting scientists because it exposes their underbelly. That's not journalism. That's a cover-up. And we will continue to call them out for ignoring these allegations and the mounting, inconvenient evidence against them."