Bozell: 'Don't Dare Call MSNBC A News Organization

ALEXANDRIA, VA – As reported by NewsBusters, on Monday the Pew Research Center released a devastating study confirming that MSNBC is not a news network. According to its sample from 2012, MSNBC only committed 15% of its airtime to straight news while 85% was dedicated to its oppressive brand of leftist commentary. By comparison, CNN and Fox News dedicated 54% and 45% of their airtime respectively to straight news coverage.

According to a separate report by Forbes, MSNBC also spends, by far, the least on its hard news reporting. The frugal peacock network shelled out a measly $240 million in 2012 to produce news. CNN spent $682 million on news, while Fox News put them both to shame by committing $820 million to its straight news coverage.

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell reacts:

“Pick any Orwellian nickname you want: the Ministry of Truth, the Department of Agitation and Propaganda, but don’t dare call MSNBC a news organization. No legitimate news outlet spends 85% of its airtime pushing leftist commentary. Pravda would be proud.

“Both CNN and Fox News have close to a 50/50 news/commentary split. We have said time and time again that MSNBC in not a news network. Their absurd 15/85 split is a vindication of every single criticism we’ve leveled against them.

“MSNBC is a deeply unserious organization and should never have been placed under the ‘news’category on any cable system’s guide. They’ve Lean[ed] Forward right off the cliff of credibility. What a farce.”


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