Bozell to Letterman: Apologize Like a Real Man

Attempt to Justify Statutory Rape Joke About Palin Daughter Is Worse Than Original Offense.
Alexandria, VA - "Comedian" David Letterman refuses to take responsibility and apologize for his disgusting sex "joke" about Sarah Palin's daughter getting "knocked up" by baseball star Alex Rodriguez. Wednesday night, Letterman attempted to clear his name on national television by denying that the joke was aimed at Willow, the 14-year-old Palin who was the daughter attending the Yankee game in New York with her mother at the time. He claims the joke referred to 18-year-old Bristol Palin, as if that's a much more suitable young woman to disparage.

"I would never, never make jokes about raping or having sex of any description with a 14-year- old girl," Letterman claimed untruthfully. "I mean, look at my record. It has never happened. I don't think it's funny. I would never think it was funny. I wouldn't put it in a joke." Except that's exactly what he did.

Brent Bozell, President of the Media Research Center, issued the following statement calling upon Letterman to issue an apology:

"David Letterman needs to be a real man and apologize unequivocally, like a real man. He should have apologized immediately after crossing the line. And we know he's gone too far when even the National Organization of Women has come to the Palin family's defense.

"But now he's trying to qualify his comments and claim that he wasn't going after a teenaged girl. Simply put, they are the rantings of an arrogant, cocky coward. Raunchy sex jokes aimed at a young woman are never excusable regardless of age or circumstance.

"Letterman is out of his mind if he thinks that slippery non-apology will get him off the hook. The fact is, if he had a daughter who became the butt of a statutory rape joke on national television, I suspect he'd want to do what Sarah and Todd Palin probably want do - punch that 'comedian's' lights out."

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