Bozell to NBC: "MSNBC Is Already An Embarrassment to Your News Credibility - Do You Really Want to Add Ed Schultz?"

Alexandria, VA - Media Research Center President L. Brent Bozell, III today responded incredulously to reports that NBC's sister network MSNBC is in negotiations with liberal talk radio host Ed Schultz to add him as their newest host.

Schultz is not only hopelessly liberal, he has a long history of obnoxious on-air comments and behavior. Just this past Friday, Schultz called Republican Senator Jon Kyl a "spineless scumbag" for daring to criticize President Obama's joke about how his bowling was so bad it was "like Special Olympics or something." On March 2nd he likened a speech given by talk radio host Rush Limbaugh to conservatives at a political conference to Adolf Hitler addressing a Nazi rally.

Last November, he called Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama "a terrorist on the American worker. He is a terrorist on wage workers" and said "the progressive talkers, you know, we lefties with microphones, we were never invited to the White House. Never got a chance to even urinate on the yard. You know? None of that."

Brent Bozell:

"NBC appears to have found in Ed Schultz another embarrassing Leftist to bring on board the network crazy train that is MSNBC. This is like having your batty family living in the attic, and the last lunatic uncle shows up and you invite him in too."

"This is eerily reminiscent of MSNBC's Michael Savage experiment. Savage is crazy Right, and Schultz is crazy Left; the only thing they have in common is that MSNBC hired them both. Savage's on-air flame-out caused MSNBC to fire him. Do not be surprised to find MSNBC humiliated yet again."

"Do you really want to add Ed Schultz, NBC? The terrible and terribly liberal MSNBC line-up is already incredibly damaging and a nightly embarrassment to your news division. Yet you somehow look at it and say 'What we need is another angry Leftist to round out our evening programming.'"

"I will offer NBC a bit of friendly advice: When you find yourself in an embarrassment hole, stop digging."