Bozell Slams New York Daily News’s Decision to Mock People of Faith

RESTON, VA – Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell issued a statement today blasting the New York Daily News for their cover mocking people of faith for praying in the wake of the tragedy in San Bernardino, California.

MRC President Brent Bozell reacts:

“The cover of today’s New York Daily News is offensive and disgraceful. For a major city newspaper to use their front page to mock people who are praying after what happened yesterday is unconscionable and unbefitting a publication that purports to be a serious media outlet.

“I am calling on the publisher of the New York Daily News to publicly do three things today:  

1) Apologize not just to the GOP presidential candidates and Speaker of the House but every person of faith it offended;  

2) Fire the person who is responsible for approving the front page story immediately; and  

3) Launch an investigation into the personnel and policies that allowed this to happen so that it never happens again.

If the news media want to be atheists, that's their business. But how dare they now ridicule people of faith. This kind of anti-religious bigotry is precisely what fuels Islamic terrorists' hatred toward Americans."