Brent Bozell Reacts to Americans' Heightened Anger with the Media

MRC President Brent Bozell issued the following statement on Tuesday:

"Americans have spoken and they are livid with the media."

"A new Rasmussen poll found an astonishing two thirds of American voters are at least somewhat angry at the media, including an entire one third who said they are 'very angry.' That's disturbing but unfortunately, not surprising. The liberal media lost touch with the public and fair reporting long ago, and Americans are sick of their lavish praise for a President that is leading our country and economy into a disastrous state. The American people are abandoning the old media by the millions because they are simply fed up."

"Now is the time for the national, so-called 'news' media to Tell The Truth! and report the facts. The American people are furious and are demanding answers."