MEDIA RESEARCH CENTER LAUNCHES NEW BLOG: NEWSBUSTERS.ORG MRC Brings 18 Years of Experience and Resources In Exposing Liberal Media Bias To The Blogosphere
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Alexandria, VAThe Media Research Center today launched its new blog,, joining forces with the creators of the influential Web site, Matthew Sheffield and Greg Sheffield. will provide immediate exposure of liberal media bias, insightful analysis, constructive criticism, and timely corrections to news media reporting while also providing readers the opportunity to take part and be interactive.

Like the Media Research Center, in many ways the blogosphere is a reaction to the liberal bias in the media. Its impact was felt heavily in the 2004 election. We welcome the opportunity to participate, using our experience and resources to expose and document liberal bias with the immediacy of the blogosphere. We also welcome visitors to our site to participate and contribute, said Media Research Center President Brent Bozell.

Taking advantage of the MRC's thorough and ongoing tracking of liberal media bias, including a wealth of documentation and an archive of newscast video dating back 18 years, the MRC aims to have play a leading role in blog media criticism by becoming the clearinghouse for all evidence of liberal media bias by joining to this formidable information store the contributions of already-established denizens as well as those who want to join in the web revolution.

News media inquiries about should be directed to the MRC's Director of Communications, Michael Chapman at 703.683.9733 x. 157