MRC Exposes Media's Coordinated Attack on Romney

Bozell Rips Cover Up Of Obama's Jimmy Carter Moment

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Amidst ongoing riots in Cairo and Yemen, and a deadly attack in Libya, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney leveled a devastating critique of the Obama Administration for initially siding with the protesters in Cairo. Realizing how damaging the Obama Administration’s mistake was, the liberal media turned on Romney, demanding he declare that his campaign had reacted too swiftly and rudely in the wake of this terrible crisis.

  • NBC’s Chuck Todd kicked things off at the top of MSNBC’s Daily Rundown stating that Romney’s, “statement looks crass and tone deaf in the light of this day.”

  • CNN’s and Newsweek’s Howard Kurtz carried the ball claiming Romney had “given the appearance of exploiting an international tragedy” in an article for The Daily Beast

  • Kurtz’s Newsweek compatriot Christopher Dickey lamented, “Obama’s impossible task of dealing with the mob, those who incited them, and those who exploited that incitement for their own end.”

  • Caught on a hot mic, CBS reporter Jan Crawford and NPR’s Ari Shapiro were heard coordinating with the press corps to pin Romney with the demand that he declare he regretted his statement.

  • At that same press conference, Romney was asked by journalists seven different times about the statement. Not one reporter asked a substantive policy-based question.

  • In a snarky piece for the LA Times, media reporter James Rainey suggested “a joint rally featuring [Koran-burning] Christian Pastor Terry Jones and his proxy, former Massachusetts Gov. Romney.”

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell reacts:

“Barack Obama has morphed into Jimmy Carter before our eyes, but the liberal media have refused to report on the Obama Administration’s failed foreign policy of apologies and appeasement. Terrified to hurt Obama’s chances of re-election, they are shamelessly seizing on this horrific attack on Americans abroad to push their go-to narrative that Mitt Romney is tone deaf.

“Romney rightly criticized the Obama Administration for its spineless apology to thugs whose idea of ‘diplomacy’ is intimidation, violence and murder. As the façade of the ‘Arab Spring’ continues to fracture and crumble away, the media have shifted to a strategy of distraction and omission.

“These are the same media that hailed Obama’s Libya policy as ‘deft’ and proclaimed that his ‘victories’ in the Middle East would ‘burnish his credentials as a world leader.’ NBC’s David Gregory said Obama would ‘use [that] experience as a club against Republicans.’ Instead of letting Obama club the Republicans, the media administered a beating on Romney.

“There were two political stories to report yesterday, and the liberal media deliberately chose to amplify the insignificant one because it damaged Romney and helped Obama’s chances to win re-election.”

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