MRC Ups Pressure on Comcast, Demands Internal NBC Investigation

Over 90,000 calls, e-mails, letters made/sent to Comcast board members “And we’re just getting started”

April 5, 2012 – The Media Research Center (MRC) is continuing to demand that Comcast investigate NBC’s recent journalistic fraud, compounded by its astonishingly arrogant and unserious “apology.”  MRC President Brent Bozell has been leading the fight against NBC for maliciously and deceptively editing a tape of George Zimmerman's 9-1-1 call to further incite racial animosity in the Trayvon Martin case.

Bozell’s calls for Comcast to conduct an internal investigation into NBC have registered with concerned Americans. Over 90,000 calls, e-mails, and letters have been made/delivered to Comcast board members demanding an investigation.

“This is not a liberal group’s pretend grassroots effort. Our army is big, and it’s energized. And we’re just getting started.”

The Media Research Center will be aggressive in its outreach to Comcast’s board members until they address the fraud that happened within their company.  “Americans should feel betrayed by NBC, because they were.  We intend to make Comcast and their board members miserable until they realize it’s their duty to put their house in order.  NBC intentionally edited the audio to fit their agenda,” said Bozell.  “The only reason they issued a weak explanation is because they were caught.”

“Man up, Comcast. Come clean with your audience, not with some silly press release. Who was responsible? Why was it done? What disciplinary steps have you taken? Why should NBC ever be trusted again?”

Bozell addressed NBC’s apology earlier this week stating that, "It is unclear to me if NBC is laughing or spitting in the face of the public with that 'apology.' The 'investigation' apparently was as thorough and honest as the explanation: two whole sentences of nothing.”

“NBC’s irresponsibility is reprehensible. Comcast is no less irresponsible by refusing to address the scandal.  We will continue holding Comcast responsible for NBC’s journalistic malpractice by encouraging the American people to contact Comcast with their disgust for their ‘news outlet.’”

“Next week we will have more to say,” Bozell concluded.

To schedule an interview with MRC President Brent Bozell or another MRC spokesperson, please contact Colleen Sullivan - or Hayley McConnell - or call (703) 683-5004.