Statement of Brent Bozell on the Death of Mary Lou Forbes

Alexandria , VA - Media Research Center President Brent Bozell has issued the following statement regarding Mary Lou Forbes' passing:

"Mary Lou Forbes made an imprint on the conservative movement that will last for generations. In her more than 50 years in the world of journalism, she served as an unshakable role model especially for conservative women and beginning at a time before females were recognized for their influence.

"Mary Lou was also a brilliant mentor. She shared the wisdom gained in her stunning career by instilling the nuts and bolts of good journalism in the countless reporters who excelled under her tutelage. There was seldom a writer she ran across that she couldn't improve.

"But even beyond her work, Mary Lou was loved and admired for her kindness and encouragement that touched each person who was blessed to know her. The Media Research Center will miss her and all the support she gave us so generously over the years. May she rest peacefully."