Tea Party Protesters Host Brent Bozell, MRC's Giant Billboard Trucks to Demand the Media "Tell The Truth!"

NYC Protest Outside New York Times, NBC

WHO: Concerned Citizens

Members of NYC-based Tea Party 365 and Media Research Center grassroots activists will picket w/ "Don't Believe the Liberal Media" signs

Brent Bozell, Media Research Center President

Four giant billboard trucks circling the protest

WHAT: Protest

WHY: Bring the MRC's "Tell The Truth!" campaign to the media's home turf

Demand the media stop smearing the Tea Parties and do their job to report the truth about The Administration and Congress and how their policies are hurting our economy and our nation

WHEN: SUNDAY, October 17th, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

WHERE: Manhattan
Starts outside the New York Times (41st and 8th Ave.)

Ends at NBC News outside 30 Rockefeller Center

CAMPAIGN DETAILS: www.TellTheTruth2010.com