Ann Curry

Curry Climbs Liberal Ladder of Success to Today Show Anchor Chair

With the official announcement that NBC's Meredith Vieira will be stepping down from the Today show co-anchor chair in June 2011 also came the news that the longtime newsreader of that morning show, Ann Curry, will move up to take her place alongside Matt Lauer to deliver a daily cup of liberal bias to viewers in the AM.

Since joining the show in 1997 Curry has frequently displayed her own uniquely sappy style of bleeding heart liberalism in her anchor briefs and occasional interviews with presidents and celebrities. Back in 2008 she scolded former President George W. Bush that his Iraq War was bringing "suffering" to the American people but when she chatted with then presidential candidate Barack Obama, in that same year, she tossed softball questions like: "Beatles or the Rolling Stones?"

Over the years Curry has demonstrated a particular fondness for the green cause as she has repeatedly spewed about the dangers of man made global warming to such a degree even Al Gore personally thanked her and NBC's efforts in his cause. During NBC's prime time coverage of Gore's 2007 "Live Earth" concert the former vice president told Curry: "Thanks for what NBC has been doing," which led her to respond in kind by urging him to run for president again as she pleaded: "After fueling this grass roots movement, if you become convinced that without you there will not be the political will in the White House to fight global warming to the level that is required, because the clock is ticking, would you answer the call? Would you answer the call, yes or no?"

Curry has also had her share of embarrassing on-air gaffes over the years, including the time she hilariously couldn't find the state of Illinois on a map.

Even a holiday that brings American families together wasn't safe from Curry's slanted liberal view, as back in 2003 she surmised that Thanksgiving could be considered "a day of mourning, not a day of celebration" because of what happened to Native Americans.

The following are a few examples of Curry's most liberal and just plain embarrassing moments during her tenure at the Today show:

Distressed by 'Hard-Driving' Dictator's Grueling Schedule


'A hard-driving schedule is the norm his aides say, claiming he sleeps just three hours a night and that his days often stretch to 2:00 a.m. They say even Iran's supreme leader has advised him to sleep more. In his six years as president, Ahmadinejad has visited each province at least three times and every city in each province....[to Ahmadinejad] Keeping obviously a grueling schedule, what is your primary motivation, as president? Why do you work so hard?'
Today co-host Ann Curry profiling Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, September 12, 2011.

Do Tiny Cuts Go Too Far?

'You mentioned jobs. One advocacy group, the liberal-leaning Economic Policy Institute, says the economy could lose 1.8 million jobs in the next year due to the cuts in this deal. Agree? Is that too much?'
— Curry to CNBC's Jim Cramer on NBC's Today, August 3, 2011. The debt deal calls for just $21 billion in spending cuts over the next year, out of a total federal budget of about $3.7 trillion.

Do Simple Tea Partiers 'Understand' Governing?

'The question, I think, some people might be asking is, do you think that members of the Tea Party caucus know how to govern, or are they — do they understand that standing up for a cause is not the same as governing?'
— Co-host Ann Curry to Tom Brokaw on NBC's Today, August 1, 2011.

The 'Devoted' and 'Pious' Mrs. Osama Bin Laden

NBC's Ann Curry: 'After more than 10 years of marriage, Amal was known to be devoted to him....She was in the room when her husband died. Amal is from Yemen, a country Osama considered his ancestral homeland, and she was much like him: simple, pious, not interested in luxuries like his other four wives. And it appears she lived his life on the run.'
Terrorism expert Evan Kohlman: 'She joined bin Laden and she traveled with him during one of the most difficult parts of his life, which is when he was mostly on the run traveling across Pakistan, Afghanistan with few luxuries. And yet, she stuck by him.'
— NBC's Today, May 6, 2011.

Scolding an 'Outrage' in Wisconsin

'We turn now to that outrage, you just heard about in Wisconsin, where the Republican-controlled senate voted last night to cut collective bargaining rights for public employees.'
— Then-news reader Ann Curry setting up a segment on the March 10, 2011 Today. The on-screen graphic announced: 'Outrage in Wisconsin; Senate Republicans Cut Union Rights, Bypass Democrats.'


Curry Badgers Chris Christie on Today Show

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie stopped by the Today show, on February 23, 2011, to educate viewers and Curry about the problems of public employee unions and explained that when it comes to getting government costs under control sometimes you just have to say no. However Curry couldn't help but pepper the governor with questions from the left, as she asked if there was "a coordinated" GOP agenda to make unions "scapegoats" for a problem "created by Wall Street" and the "banks" and suggested that "in some ways it doesn't sort of make sense...that the unions really are to blame."

Sappy Ann Curry: I Wish All Weapons Were Inflatable Toys



The frequently-maudlin Curry outdid herself on the October 12, 2010 Today show, while narrating a short video item about Russia unveiling a new set of inflatable weapons designed to fool spy satellites, as she chirped: "Wish all weapons were like that."

Curry Hectors McCain to Condemn Palin's 'Incendiary Language'


Curry, on the March 25, 2010 Today show, continually harangued Senator John McCain about Republican lawmakers "encouraging the violence" against Democrats, and even urged the Arizona senator to condemn his former running mate Sarah Palin. After Curry recounted that the former Alaska governor had "posted a map highlighting weak Democratic districts...with a crosshair symbol" she pressed McCain: "Do you know recommend that your party use less incendiary language?" When McCain responded that terms like "targeted" and "battleground" are just part of the "political lexicon" Curry persisted: "These are very dangerous times. Is this the language that we should be hearing today?"


Curry Prompts Ventura to Claim Bush Knew About 9/11


Curry invited former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura to promote his new book of conspiracy theories, on the March 9, 2010 Today show, and pressed the former professional wrestler to throw out the loony charge that the Bush administration had foreknowledge of 9/11. On to promote his book American Conspiracies, Ventura charged that the CIA was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and when prompted by Curry accused the Bush administration of allowing the 9/11 attacks to happen.

CURRY: The biggest bombshell of the book is your writing that, that quote, "I am convinced that some people inside our government" -- about 9/11 -- "knew that the attack was going to happen and allowed it to come to pass because it furthered their political agenda?" Who are you talking about, whose political agenda?

VENTURA: Whoever was in charge at that time. They knew about Osama Bin Laden...

CURRY: Are you saying the Bush administration?

VENTURA: Yep. Yep.

Curry 'Inspired' by Longtime Lib Helen Thomas


Curry, on the October 6, 2009 Today show, called longtime liberal White House correspondent Helen Thomas her "inspiration." As part of an ongoing series "Today's Mentors and Inspirations," she visited the former UPI reporter and current Hearst columnist in Washington and offered a bouquet of a profile to her hero as, over video of Thomas challenging former presidents Curry gushed:

CURRY: Affectionately called the First Lady of the White House press corps, Helen Thomas has made 10 presidents sweat-

HELEN THOMAS: Charged with perjury-

CURRY: -stammer-

GEORGE W. BUSH: That's where, that's where-

CURRY: -and answer to the people. She first walked through those White House gates half a century ago.

Curry Touts Actor Ed Norton's 'Earth Hour,' Which He Compares to March On Selma

On the March 27, 2009 Today show Curry invited actor Ed Norton and Carter Roberts of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to champion their cause to combat "global climate change" by getting everyone to turn off their lights for an hour as a symbolic move that the actor compared to the march on Selma, Alabama. Curry called Norton's cause "really cool," and prompted the Incredible Hulk star to offer up the following historical comparison: "I think it's, it's a call to action. It's, it's, it's-, turning off the lights won't solve the problem, obviously. But in the same way that the, the march on Selma, Alabama was a symbolic gesture for the civil rights movement I think those who care about climal [sic] change, climate change and carbon mitigation - which is a global movement - are, are trying to find ways to symbolically demonstrate the, the unity of purpose around the planet and, and really get our leadership to take action."


Curry Helps Kick Off Today Show Global Warming Scare Week


The full Today show cast, on Monday November 17, 2008 went to "The Ends of the Earth," as a part of NBC Universal's "Green Week," all in an effort to, once again, do the bidding of the likes of Al Gore, to create hysteria about global warming. With live reports from Matt Lauer worrying about reefs off the coast of Belize, Meredith Vieira fearful about drought conditions in Australia, Ann Curry watching the snow caps melt on Mt. Kilimanjaro and Al Roker troubled by glacier extinction in Iceland, the cast pushed the green agenda throughout Monday's Today show.

The following was Curry's scary introductory teaser from that show:

CURRY: We're coming to you now from the first, we're told, is the first live network broadcast from Mt. Kilimanjaro, it's the world's largest standing, free standing mountain. It's at more than 19,000 feet. Mt. Kilimanjaro's majestic, snow capped peaks are increasingly becoming a symbol of climate change. Scientists predict the glaciers could completely disappear by the year 2020. So we've been climbing this mountain since Friday. Our goal is to take you to go up there and see with us the glaciers. We've chosen the hardest route because it will take us closest to the glaciers. We'll have a report on this effort to get there, to get closest up there and also on this issue of climate change and what the melting of these glaciers mean.


Curry Bashes 'Ugly' Sarah Palin

On the October 8, 2008 Today show Curry pressed then vice presidential candidate Joe Biden to condemn Sarah Palin for daring to bring up the name of Barack Obama's former pastor: "But let's talk about the new style of the campaign because Sarah Palin is now saying that the gloves are off. She's linked Obama to domestic terrorism. She's, she's been bringing up Reverend Wright's name. She, she was hearing at one of these events, Obama introduces 'Barack Hussein Obama.' Is there a tone, where is this, all this going? Explain what's happening here Joe...Is this an ugly stop?

Curry: McCain is Old, He's 71. Did I Mention He's 71?

On the May 8, 2008 Today show Curry interviewed Cindy McCain and got her to promise that the McCain campaign won't go negative. However Curry, herself, repeatedly pressed a point that would be part of a not-so-quiet, whisper campaign against the Arizona Senator: that he was too old to be President, as she underlined: "There's never been an older President, at 71....and you've seen, as a wife of a Senator, what that job does to the men elected to it....Can't take away the numbers. 71?"

Curry Treats Dems as Victims, Obsesses Over 'Swift-Boating'

On the April 22, 2008 Today show, Curry treated both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as victims of unfairness - worrying Obama would be "swift-boated" by Republicans and asked Clinton if she agreed "the playing field has been not level because you are a woman?"


Curry's Question of the Ages for Obama: Beatles or Rolling Stones?

On the April 1, 2008 Today show, Curry traveled with Obama on the campaign trail and mostly threw softball questions to the then presidential candidate, such as whom did he prefer: "Beatles or the Rolling Stones?" Curry also tried to broker an Obama-Clinton ticket as she pressed: "They want this. The Democrats want this."

Curry Tells Bush: Americans 'Suffering' Because of War

During a live interview with the President and the First Lady from Tanzania on the February 18, 2008 Today show, NBC's Ann Curry pestered Bush about the Iraq war and its economic impact on Americans as she lectured: "I mean they say they're suffering because of this war." Curry had discounted Bush's insistence that he carries a "burden" in taking the nation to war as she lamented: "Some Americans believe, that they feel they're carrying the burden because of this economy. I mean they say they're suffering because of this war." When Bush said he disagreed, a puzzled Curry countered: "You don't agree with that? Has nothing to do with the economy? The war? The spending on the war?" Curry later pressed Bush to concede the war is lost and so no more Americans should die "in vain" in Iraq: "At some point, if you're absolutely wrong, you don't want any more soldiers to die in vain."

Curry Can't Find Illinois on a Map, Points to Minnesota


On the Feb 4, 2008 Today show co-host Ann Curry was breaking down the delegate counts for each Super Tuesday state with NBC's political director Chuck Todd, but when it came to finding Obama's home state of Illinois on the map, Curry pointed to Minnesota instead.


Curry Tars Conservatives With Larry Craig Scandal

On the August 28, 2007 Today show Curry tried to tar Republicans and conservatives with the Larry Craig scandal as she demanded: "How does this specter of hypocrisy affect the party?" In an interview with Joe Scarborough, Curry also listed scandals involving those linked to conservatives as if to blame the movement itself for the GOP's troubles: "First it's been a rough year for the right. Let's list them. Congressman Mark Foley, conservative pastor Ted Haggard, Senator David Vitter. All involved in scandals, accusing them of inappropriate conduct. So the question's gotta be asked, why do these kinds of scandals seem to be following Republicans, lately?"


Gore Thanks NBC for 'Live Earth' Coverage, Curry Urges Him to Run


Appearing with Curry during NBC's prime time coverage Saturday July 7, 2007 of Al Gore's "Live Earth" concerts, Gore gave a shout out to the network for its donation to his global warming cause, as Gore told Curry: "Thanks for what NBC has been doing."

Curry didn't exactly deliver a hard-hitting interview. When Gore declared the concerts "the largest global entertainment event in all of history," she congratulated him before pressing him about running for President, suggesting that "without you there will not be the political will in the White House to fight global warming."

She pleaded: "A lot of people want me to ask you tonight if you're running for President. And I know what you're answer is gonna be, believe me. I gotta ask you though. After fueling this grass roots movement, if you become convinced that without you there will not be the political will in the White House to fight global warming to the level that is required, because the clock is ticking, would you answer the call? Would you answer the call, yes or no?"


Curry Pedals 'People-Powered Blender' to 'Save the Environment!'


On the May 17, 2007 Today show Curry promoted Jerry Greenfield of the leftist Ben & Jerry's ice cream company. Curry cooed: "It's just very cool to have a guy who's as cool as you, given all that you're trying to do in the world, to do this for us." When Greenfield unveiled the "people-powered blender bike" to make smoothies, Curry added: "You really care and have, for years, cared about global warming." As Curry pedaled the blender bike, she exclaimed, "You see, you can save the environment! It is possible!"


Curry Begs Sting's Wife Trudie Styler for Rainforest Concert After Party Invite


On the May 16, 2006 Today show Curry praised rock star Sting's wife Trudie Styler for her rainforest benefit concerts: "You just told me just before we started going live here that your, this organization, since you started it in 1989 along with your husband Sting, has raised $21 million. Phenomenal. How does that feel and how does it feel seeing what good it's done?" Styler said global warming was coming home to roost on a "karmic level," and said her concert's after party would have a "Woodstock theme," singing '60s songs in '60s garb, and Curry begged, "Oh please give me an invitation to that one!"


Curry Worries About John Roberts' Threat to Abortion 'Rights'

On the July 20, 2005 Today show Curry pressed law professor Jonathan Turley about then Supreme Court nominee John Roberts: "What effect do you think that this person, John Roberts, will have on abortion rights in America?" Curry also fretted about whether Roberts will "be part of the movement to increase the restrictions on abortion rights which we've already started to see happening?"


Curry Pushes Blinded Vet to Say He's 'Angry' Over No WMD


NBC's Today show devoted a moving and inspirational segment on their April 27, 2004 show to a U.S. Army Ranger who was blinded in Iraq, Sergeant Jeremy Feldbusch, that was followed by a live interview with Feldbusch and a veteran blinded during World War II. But Curry couldn't resist trying to get Feldbusch to denounce the war as she asked him: "Are you angry that what you were on a mission to protect America against, weapons of mass destruction, may never have existed at the time you parachuted into Iraq." Feldbusch stood by how the war was justified, but Curry was not dissuaded, pressing: "Was all of that worth the price you have paid?" And: "The price you will pay for the rest of your life?"


Curry Repeatedly Gushes Over Animal Rights Activist Jane Goodall: 'You've Given So Many People Hope'

On the March 3, 2004 Today, Curry gushed to animal rights activist Jane Goodall: "You have done so much. You've worked against poverty, AIDS and for peace, human rights and for the environment." and added: "Why at the age of 70 do you travel 300 days out of the year working on behalf of this world that is in such trouble?" After Goodall answered, Curry swooned: "Wow! You've given so many people hope including those listening to you this morning."

Prior to that appearance, on the October 21, 2002 Today show, Curry lauded Goodall: "You say that people are afraid to talk about being caring about the environment because they may be perceived, they think, as unpatriotic?...What is the greatest lesson you've learned?...What gives you hope, Jane?...The UN has just reported that 13 species of the world's apes could be extinct within 30 years. I mean, in the face of it, that seems so hopeless....What sustains you?...You also travel with the forest within you, you say?"


Curry: Indians 'Feel Thanksgiving Should Be Day of Mourning'

During an interview on the November 24, 2003 Today show with the author of a book urging families to learn more about the history of Thanksgiving and to appreciate being American, Curry countered: "You know there are some American Indians who feel that Thanksgiving should be a day of mourning, not a day of celebration, because of what happened to their people."


-- Geoffrey Dickens is the Deputy Research Director at the Media Research Center. Click here to follow Geoffrey Dickens on Twitter.