Meredith Vieira: Megaphone for the Liberal Cause

On April 6, NBC announced that Meredith Vieira, a host of ABC's The View, in September will succeed Katie Couric as co-host of the Today show. In picking Vieira, NBC chose a journalist with a record of liberal views on many contentious issues. Below is a collection of MRC reports on her issued after her selection.

CyberAlert, April 6:
"New Today Co-Host an Anti-War Protester: 'War Built on Lies'"

NewsBusters blog:
"Meredith Vieira: Liberal on Sex Ed, Roe v. Wade, the Clintons"

CyberAlert, April 7
"Vieira Reiterates Anti-War View, Pledges to Keep It Off Air"

CyberAlert, April 10:
"Ex-CBS & MSNBC Exec: Vieira Faces 'Challenge' to Her Credibility"

Bozell column:
"Meredith Vieira, Anchor/Protester"

CyberAlert, April 12
"Vieira Denies Any Political Agenda, Then Shows She Has One on War"

CyberAlert, April 27:
"Vieira 'Peeved' at Bush, Holds Him Responsible for Gas Prices" (with video)

CyberAlert, May 15:
"Vieira Buys Gas 'Crisis' Hype; Befuddled by Concept Minimum Wage Could 'Hurt' the Poor"

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The "entire pretext for war," Vieira declared on the June 17, 2004 The View, was "built on lies"

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On the August 30, 2004 The View, Vieira talked about marching in an anti-war protest