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Stop the Media From Brainwashing Americans into supporting permanent socialism in 2016

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This time it wasn't the wrath of debate moderators; the Fox Business team asked tough but fair questions.

But there are still radicals running newsrooms in the United Sates and they have one goal in this election cycle: to influence the outcome of the lection to advance thier radical left-wing agenda.

Media Bias was a topic of debate, and Ted Cruz was ready to hit back against the character assassination reported by so-called journalist at the NYT, David Brooks.

We must fight back and demand that the liberal media "Tell The Truth" in the upcoming election and when they dont, we must expose thier leftist agenda and mobilize grassroots conservatives to hold them accountable.

The MRC has been fighting the media's leftist agenda for almost three decades. Your continued loyalty and support gives us the resources to keep fighting back to create a media culture in America where truth and liberty flourish.

Join our batte to prevent the media from bashing conservative candidates!