This is a group of disparate MRC publications and compilations that have been completed over the past 10 years. It includes the Gulf War II Resource Page, an Enduring the Media section on the post-September 11 War on Terrorism coverage, sections on celebrities, op-ed pieces from the MRC staff, speeches from MRC President L. Brent Bozell and an excerpt from the MRC’s 1994 book How to Identify Liberal Media Bias.
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Tell the Truth 2012

Tell the Truth 2012 campaign landing page

MRC Projects

Archive of MRC Projects
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Brent Bozell Speeches

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, L. Brent Bozell III runs the largest media watchdog organization in America. Established in 1987, the MRC has made “media bias” a household ...
Media Research Center

Media War Watch

Media Research Center

Harken, Halliburton and Hype

A review of recent business coverage on Harken and Halliburton
Media Research Center

How to Identify Liberal Media Bias

This book excerpt will teach you how to identify seven types displayed in news stories and how to analyze stories and reporting patterns to determine if they are biased. Though the examples cited ...
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