Whitewater: The Story Reporters Loved to Hate

Check out these recent quotes:

On Friday's Washington Week in Review (May 24) on PBS they discussed the RNC ad attacking Clinton for invoking the Soldier and Sailors' Act, prompting New York Times columnist Tom Friedman to note the ad was created "Right when Whitewater seems to be grinding to a halt as a legal issue." A few minutes later, moderator Ken Bode (also a CNN analyst), offered his view of why Republicans decided to run the ad: "Whitewater is sort of diminishing, sort of fading away, it's kind of a shadowy thing now, it's going away."

Steve Roberts of U.S. News & World Report, on C­SPAN's Washington Journal, May 16: "This kind of call which says, 'You're all liberals,' haven't been listening, they haven't been reading. Anybody, anybody, it seems to me, who gives a fair reading, Brian [Lamb], of the press coverage of Bill Clinton's first three years, cannot say that the press has been easy on Bill Clinton. The press has beaten the hell out of Bill Clinton over and over again, and Whitewater, which that caller mentions, is just one example and day after day coverage of that issue, which is legitimate and should be there."

Time columnist Margaret Carlson and U.S. News & World Report Editor­in­Chief Mort Zuckerman on CNBC's Cal Thomas show, March 24, 1996:

Carlson: "It's [Whitewater] out there, it's been out there, it's not going to have any more impact than it's already having."

Zuckerman: "I don't think there's anything there unless Kenneth Starr does come up with anything, and the fact that there is a trial going on I think is not going to be relevant to what the elections going to be all about, you can't run an election based on attacking the President's wife."

Eleanor Clift of Newsweek on The McLaughlin Group, February 10, 1996: "If Ken Starr is a credible prosecutor he will bring this to a conclusion and the Clintons will be exonerated."

Margaret Carlson, Time magazine columnist and former White House reporter, on CNN's Capital Gang, December 23, 1995: "As the curtains keep getting lifted there's nothing there! There's no big, you know, there's no big smoking gun. There's no magilla! And they keep going and not finding anything."