The Watchdog 

The Watchdog, formerly Flash News, is the MRC's monthly newsletter. The eight-page publication features a letter from MRC President L. Brent Bozell and reviews MRC and activities and projects.


Issue 12: December/January 
• Yet Another Right Wing Conspiracy
• MRC Should Declare Victory
• Forcing a Change at The Times

Issue 11: November/December
• Mix Victory with Vigilance
• Celebrity Update: Protesting Bush and Bashing Republicans
• Using Tragedy for Political Purposes

Issue 10: October/November
• ABC's Anti-War Campaign
• The Stephanopoulos Double Standard
• Hollywood's Anti-American Left -- Alive and Well

Issue 9: September/October
• All the News That's Fit to Spin
• MSNBC's Donahue Debacle
• Angry & Unashamed

Issue 8: August/September
• Bush Bashing Signals a Gathering Media Storm
• Tim Russert's Blind Spot
• NBC Can't Identify Democrats

Issue 7: July/August
• A New Promotion for an Old Partisan
• MRC Study Proves Conservatives Labeled Four Times More Than Liberals
• A Tribute to Harry Seggerman

Issue 6: June/July
• Fighting the Frenzy
• More of the Same at NBC "Thank You, Jesus?" Not at ABC!
• MRC's Special Report: CNN's Cuba Coverage

Issue 5: May/June
• No more denials about liberal media bias. Please.
• Networks Gang Up On "Big Oil"
• Goodbye Gumbel!

Issue 4: April/May
• A Classic Case of Liberal Bias
• Two Papers, Two Spins
• Editor's Corner: Help for the Hezbollah

Issue 3: March/April
• The Axis of Arrogance
• The Liberal View on Patriotism
• A Red Cross Apology

Issue 2: February/March
• 2002 Dishonors Awards a Smashing Success
• "Righting the Liberal News Slant"
• An MRC Tribute to the Media's Coverage of 9/11

Issue 1: January/February
• Forecasts and Facts...and a Few Figures
• Exclusive FLASH Interview with Bernard Goldberg
• Editor's Corner: Sometimes You Have to Laugh

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