The Watchdog 

The Watchdog, formerly Flash News, is the MRC's monthly newsletter. The eight-page publication features a letter from MRC President L. Brent Bozell and reviews MRC and activities and projects.


Issue 12: December
• Take the Fight to the Liberal Media
• New Anchorman...Same Old Liberal Bias
• Election Coverage Ahead of the Curve

Issue 11: October/November

• America's Moral Values Confound The Liberal Media
• The Ten Worst Media Distortions of Campaign 2004
• The Smoking Gun

Issue 10: September/October

• Dan Rather and CBS in Meltdown
• MRC Catches NBC Putting "I LIE" in Bush's Mouth
• Brokaw Scolds the MRC, Bozell

Issue 9: August/September
• How We Exposed Dan Rather's Fakery
• MRC's "Tell the Truth!" Campaign Wars On!
• Convention "Con Games"?

Issue 8: July/August

• Reporters "12 to 1" for Kerry-Edwards
• TV Gives No Respect to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth
• Media Bias: The Liberal Counterattack

Issue 7: June/July

• Media Need to "Tell the Truth!" on Iraq
• MRC Remembers Reagan and the Media's Record
• Why Lets the Left Lash Out

Issue 6: May/June
• MRC Launches $2.8 Million Campaign to Neutralize the Liberal Media
• Liberal Media Hype Prison Abuse to Hurt President
• FMP Study Discovers Anti-Corporate Agenda in Obesity Coverage

Issue 4: April/May
• Liberal Media Agenda: Get George Bush
• Good Morning America Refuses to Report Bush Lead
• Special Report Proves Networks Hostile to Religion

Issue 3: March/April

• Limbaugh Steals the Show at MRC DisHonors Awards
• Rush Praises the MRC and Condemns Kerry
• CBS Evening News Spikes Pro-Bush Poll Numbers

Issue 2: February/March
• Liberal Media Advance Democrats' Unproven Charges
• Liberal Journalist Resigns Over Brit Hume Award
• Clinton Crony Named MSNBC President

Issue 1: January/February

• Brokaw Attacks MRC: MRC Counters with $1 Million Challenge
• Best Notable Quotables of 2002
• MRC Participates in Prestigious College Program

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