The Watchdog 

The Watchdog, formerly Flash News, is the MRC's monthly newsletter. The eight-page publication features a letter from MRC President L. Brent Bozell and reviews MRC and activities and projects.


Issue 12: December
• Liberal Media Want U.S. Retreat in Iraq
• Brent Bozell Interviews Mary ‘Memogate’ Mapes on C-SPAN
• MRC Study on Iraq War Coverage Bombards Capitol Hill

Issue 11: November

• Eleanor Clift Suggests Bush Impeachment
• No Knee-Jerk Liberal Coverage of Katrina at
• TV’s Never-Ending Bad News Brigade

Issue 10: October

• Left-Wing Media Distort Katrina Tragedy for Political Gain
• U.S. Soldier Calls on MRC to Keep Fighting Liberal Bias
• CBS News Denounces the MRC

Issue 9: September

• Rush Limbaugh Calls New MRC Blog "Cool!"
• Media Push Anti-War Agenda with Cindy Sheehan
• Liberal Media Mum About Air America Scandal

Issue 8: August

• Liberal Media Undercut the War Against Terrorism
• "Very Liberal" Nina Totenberg
• Boston Globe Bashes Vets

Issue 7: July
• MRC Trustees Offer $1 Million Challenge
• Free Market Project Re-Launches Website
• More Media Meltdown

Issue 6: June

• Newsweek: A Dan Rather Rerun
• Highlights from the MRC's Annual Gala and Media DisHonors Award
• Conservative of the Year Award: Swift Vets and POWs for Truth

Issue 5: May

• Media Got it Right with Pope John Paul But Wrong with Terri Schiavo
• Limbaugh Cites News Stories Written By MRC Interns
• Post-Tax Analysis

Issue 4: April

• Liberal Bias Turns to Character Assassination
• Ari Fleischer Denounces Liberal Media Bias
• Nina Totenberg Eats Crow

Issue 3: March
• Media Skew News to Undo Election Mandate
• Dan Rather Leaves CBS Evening News, Settles in at CBS 60 Minutes Wednesday
• The Global Appeal of CNSNews

Issue 2: February

• Report on CBS Is a Whitewash
• Former CBS President Laments the Network's Liberalism
• Media Mum on Tsunami-Victim Aid from Oil-Rich Middle East Countries

Issue 1: January

• War Against Liberal Media Bias Goes On
• Best Notable Quotables of 2004
• Reed Irvine, R.I.P

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