The Watchdog

The Watchdog, formerly Flash News, is the MRC's monthly newsletter. The eight-page publication features a letter from MRC President L. Brent Bozell and reviews MRC and activities and projects.


Issue 12: December
Liberal Media Helped Obama Win Presidency By Ignoring or Downplaying Crucial Issues

Issue 11: November
New MRC Report Exposes Liberal Media’s ‘Lovefest’ With Barack Obama Since 2000

Issue 10: October
More Americans Now Aware of Liberal Media Bias, Pro-Obama Coverage, Latest Polls Show

Issue 9: September
Liberal Media Are Nearly Worshipping Obama, 92 Minutes for Barack vs. 8.5 Minutes for McCain

Issue 8: August
Hollywood, Hand in Hand with Liberal Media Slams War on Terrorism, Bush and Conservatism

Issue 7: July
Plot to Censor Conservative Talk Radio is Real

Issue 6: June
MRC’s Army of Spokespersons Take the Fight Against Liberal Media Bias to 64 Million Americans Each Week

Issue 5: May
Liberal Media Hide Facts and Spin the Truth To Protect Barack Obama and Political Liberals

Issue 4: April
Liberal Media, Political Elite, and McCain Wrong About Conservatives and Talk Radio – Follow Reagan and Win!

Issue 2: February
Liberal Media Elevate Obama to JFK Status While Carrying Lots of Water for Hillary Clinton

Issue 1: January
CNN/YouTube Debate Proves Liberal Media Will Deceive, Lie to Boost Agenda and Democratic Party

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