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The Supreme Court’s Decision to Strip Americans of the Right to Define Marriage is a Shocking and Unprecedented Assault on Liberty.

The Media Research Center is gearing up to launch a massive counteroffensive against the Left and we need your support.

Why the MRC? Because the liberal media have been the staunchest and most aggressive proponents of advocating for gay marriage. If we’re to persuade Americans that the definition of marriage must be decided by the people, and not by an unelected judicial oligarchy, we must expose and neutralize the liberal media elites who are right now in victory mode.

While the situation appears dire, the war is far from lost. The media will double down on efforts to punish private businesses and religious institutions whose religious doctrines don’t recognize gay marriage.

We must stop them.

You know about the bakers being forced to cater gay weddings. Well, things are about to get worse, and emboldened by this unprecedented decision, the media will be leading the offensive against proponents of traditional marriage and most critically, against religious liberty.

As we’ve done for over 28 years, the MRC will lead the counteroffensive against the leftist press. But this latest assault on freedom and representative government forces us to step up our advocacy and our spending.

Your generous gift will help us mobilize our 7.6 million Facebook army, our 800,000+ grassroots activists, and our allies across the conservative media who rely on our work to educate their audiences about the media’s leftist agenda.

We cannot succeed in organizing a campaign against the media’s war on religious liberty without your generous donation.

There is too much at stake. Your giving today will make it possible for us to win the war, even as we cope with losing today’s battle.

Thank you for your continued commitment to neutralizing the liberal media’s war on religious liberty.

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