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George Stephanopoulos and Old Boss Bill Clinton Avoid Benghazi, Charity's Scandal

George Stephanopoulos scored an interview on Sunday with his old boss, Bill Clinton. In return for this exclusive, the former Democratic operative turned journalist avoided any mention of a ...
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ABC Begins 'Hillary Watch' 2016, Features Man Hoping She'll 'Save the Country'

Longtime Hillary Clinton fan Claire Shipman isn't waiting for the 2016 push. The Good Morning America reporter on Wednesday launched "Hillary Watch" and regurgitated talking points about a ...
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2016 Begins? ABC Mocks: Chris Christie Should 'Lay Off the Doughnuts'

The journalists of Good Morning America offered, perhaps, a preview of 2016, highlighting Chris Christie's weight and what "could be a major campaign issue." After playing clips of the New Jersey ...
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Joe Scarborough to GOP: Stop Listening to the 'Most Extreme People' in the Party

MSNBC's token Republican Joe Scarborough appeared on ABC's The View, Friday, to do what he does best: Trash conservatives. The Morning Joe co-host lectured the Republican Party to "stop listening ...
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ABC's Nightline Knocks 'Disingenuous' Claims in Dinesh D'Souza's 'Conspiracy' Film

Nightline reporter David Wright on Wednesday night profiled the new conservative documentary 2016: Obama's America, but warned that the film was a "conspiracy" movie that included "disingenuous" ...
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Spate of Documentaries Offers Ammunition to Conservatives

Conservatives have long understood that they must fight through mainstream media bias to get their message out – or bypass the media establishment altogether.
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