Timothy Egan: Middle Class Too Easily "Distracted" To Know Own Best Interests

Former Times reporter Timothy Egan is vexed that many middle-class Americans are heeding "the brat's cry of Joe Wilson" and succumbing to "generalized rage" stoked by "well-funded Astroturf outfits."

Washington Examiner's Carney Rips MSNBC Host for Denigrating 9-12 March

Columnist calls out David Shuster, as well as left-wing media outlets for focus on protest backdrop and ignoring its purpose.

Massive Conservative D.C. Protest Buried and Dismissed, But Smaller Liberal Rallies Hailed

A conservative protest at the Capitol numbering in the tens of thousands was worth an unfavorable story on page 37. A much smaller Obama rally got better placement, and so had a previous ACORN-led ...
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