ABC Ignores Its Own Poll Showing Bleak Numbers for Obama on the Economy

ABC on Monday and Tuesday ignored its own poll's finding that 37 percent of Americans now believe that Barack Obama's policies are hurting the economy. No mention was made of the results on ...

ABC News Frets Over PBS Cuts: 'Big Bird on the Chopping Block?'

The website on Tuesday used the Sesame Street character Big Bird to worry about potential Republican cuts to PBS. Next to a picture of the forlorn puppet and some concerned children, a ...

ABC News Publishes, Quickly Removes Lefty Mother Jones Article on GOP 'Redefining Rape' on Monday republished, then removed an article from Mother Jones magazine on Republicans "redefining rape." The piece briefly appeared on the network's website with no explanation that ...

ABC Promote Kimmel Masturbation Jokes as 'News'

Network's obsession with candidates' views on sex takes precedent over substance, maturity.

ABC News's Deputy Political Director Jumps to Left-Wing Union, the 15th Obama Activist Through the Media's Revolving Door (Updated)

The number of major media journalists who have joined the Obama administration (or now an aligned union) - is up to 15 with the news late last week that Teddy Davis, Deputy Political Director for ...

ABC News Reporter to Marry Obama's Top Budget Aide

Just when you thought journalists could not possibly get any cozier with the Obama administration, it was revealed that ABC News economics and business reporter Bianna Golodryga, a regular ...

Desperate for Guests? 'World News' Goes to Rolling Stone's Taibbi for Health Care Segment

Magazine contributing editor, who once said 'guy huffing glue' more sensible than Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, is ABC's 'progressive' voice on health care.

NYT Editor Bill Keller Denies Pro-Obama Bias on ABC

The paper's executive editor insisted, against all evidence, that the president is "getting examined pretty microscopically."

Koppel: 'Enhanced Interrogation' Like 'Rape Is Enhanced Seduction'

Former ABC News anchor Ted Koppel took to BBC's World News America newscast on Monday night to denounce former Vice President Dick Cheney as Koppel declared U.S. policy should be that "torture is ...

New Seth Rogen Film Forces the Question: Is Date Rape Funny?

Moviemakers and critics indicate anything can be played for a laugh.
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