'Access Hollywood' Falsely Suggests Prejean in Danger of Losing Crown

Segment hypes Prejean's late arrival for appointment with Donald Trump and suggests her outspokenness unfitting of Miss California.

'Entertainment' Show Promotes Lefty Whale-Saving Cause

Access Hollywood fawns over actress Hayden Panettiere's concern for whales; ignores her affinity for environmental extremists.

'Access' Denied to Prop 8 Supporters

A popular entertainment news show, Access Hollywood, provides a platform only for celebrities in favor of same-sex marriage.

Access Hollywood Serves Up One Palin-Bashing Story, Two Kisses for Obama

Movie stars go gaga over Obama; Palin allegedly spent more than 150K on clothes and spoke with McCain staffers clad only in a towel; Obama to buy a puppy for his daughters.

Hillary, Queen of All Media

How top American journalists kowtowed to Candidate Clinton.
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