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Fast Food Workers Strike, Demand More Than Double Minimum Wage

Networks downplay extremism as left continues push for ‘living wage.’
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Irony: Journalist Michael Powell Sees 'Dirty Tricks' in Young Conservatives Going Undercover to Sting Liberals

Michael Powell informs us that secretly recording interviews with social-service organizations isn't investigative journalism, but "dirty tricks," at least when done by young conservatives: "This ...

CNN's 'Right on the Edge' Omits ACORN's Leftist Ideology; Sorba 'Anti-Gay'

CNN's Abbie Boudreau omitted the left-wing ideology of discredited organization ACORN in her hour-long documentary on young conservative activists, "Right on the Edge," which aired Saturday ...

CNN's Sanchez Implies Fox News Had 'Role' in O'Keefe Stunt

On Wednesday's Rick's List, CNN's Rick Sanchez implied that Fox News played some kind of part in James O'Keefe's attempted "punk" of correspondent Abbie Boudreau: "The same right-wing ...

Unicorns, Ogres and Dragons More Common in News than Good Reporting

Fairness more myth than reality as stories from conservative media get ignored in the 'mainstream'

One Last Nibble of ACORN Scandal: 'Conservative Provocateur' Runs 'Heavily Edited Videos'

One last time, reporter Campbell Robertson slants the ACORN story in favor of the left-wing group: "Mr. O'Keefe, whom the judge described as 'extremely talented,' gained fame for secretly ...

HuffPo: ACORN was brought down by ... the New York Times?

Two leftwing editorialists assert the Gray Lady was Karl Rove's courtesan in destroying community organizing group.

Times Ignored ACORN Scandal 6 Days - But Ran Stories on Arrest of 'Pimp' 5 Days in a Row

The Times took six days for one of its own reporters to acknowledge the ACORN scandal in print. But when ACORN "pimp" and hidden-camera conservative filmmaker James O'Keefe was arrested, the Times ...

AP Lede on O'Keefe Raises Watergate Specter: 'What Did the Right Wing Know?'

The Associated Press on Wednesday insinuated there might be a wider conservative plot behind James O'Keefe's alleged misdeeds at Senator Mary Landrieu's office, and invoked the Watergate scandal ...

NYT Jumps on Arrest of ACORN 'Pimp' - Yet Waited 6 Days to Report ACORN Revelations

When the ACORN scandal broke, the New York Times dragged its feet six days before issuing a story on footage from James O'Keefe showing the left-wing group giving advice to a "prostitute" and ...
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