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‘Hulk’ Mark Ruffalo: ‘I Get Angry’ that There is a Debate Over Climate Change

Actor and director bellows against climate skepticism, fracking, sets 100 percent renewable energy goal by 2050.
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Greenpeace Activists Damage Nazca Lines, Peru Seeks Criminal Charges

AP reports environmentalists in trouble following stunt at archaeological treasure.
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Journalist Union Pushes ‘Social Justice Journalism’ to College Students

Program pushes labor unions and strikes, and prepares a new generation of reporter activists.  
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Left Turns Rachel Carson into Hero for Children

‘Silent Spring’ author indirectly responsible for millions of malaria deaths, put on pedestal in kids’ books for all ages. 

AP Reports Day Without A Gay Only One Way

In 'call in gay' story, AP ignores traditional marriage supporters; features event creators and lefty teachers eager to introduce gay issues to students.
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