A King-Sized Problem

Burger King's suggestive advertisement leaves little to the imagination.

Macabre Soda Ad Finds Suicide Funny

Pepsi yanks a disturbing print campaign depicting lonely calorie character taking his life.

Times Again Glosses Over Bill Ayers' Terrorism, Attacks Ad Instead

For the third story in a row, Jim Rutenberg shrugs off Obama associate Bill Ayers' bombing of the U.S. Capitol to instead obsess over the funding of a conservative ad questioning the relationship.

Rutenberg Still Mad at Obama-Bill Ayers Ad

Reporter Jim Rutenberg is again more interested in the nefarious funding behind an ad linking Obama and homegrown terrorist William Ayers, than he is in the link itself. Plus more of the ...

How Dare Ad Link Terrorist Bill Ayers to Barack Obama

Jim Rutenberg spends the first half of his story on a new anti-Obama campaign ad obsessing over who is funding it and whether or not it's legal.

ABC Goes After Online Businesses for 'Hidden Fees'

'Good Morning America' calls pop-up ads a 'deceptive marketing practice.'

'60 Minutes' Gives Gore Softball Interview to Launch $300-Million Propaganda Campaign

Former vice president calls global warming skeptics moon-landing deniers and flat earthers.

Deeply Discounted "Petraeus - Betray Us" Ad Cited Times Reporting - Wrongly

Who's vetting left-wing ads at the Times? The notorious ad inaccurately cited the paper's own reporting when it called Gen. David Petraeus a liar.

CNN Dusts Off 6-Month-Old Study to Push Internet Advertising Regulations

Network's top doc gives just 6 seconds to industry and zero time to talk about parental responsibility.
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