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New York Times 'News' Story Berates Silicon Valley 'Haves' With 'Private Jets and Untold Wealth'

This is a news story? Once again the New York Times attacks "wealthy" business travelers: A corporate jet center in Silicon Valley "is becoming the latest symbol for the rapidly growing gap ...
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Media Research Center

ABC Renews Push to Spread Sequester Fear: 'Airport Armageddon' to Strike America

The journalists at ABC News on Monday renewed their push to promote sequester fears. Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos hyped, "Breaking this morning: Airport armageddon. Almost seven ...

Network Double Standard: Obama's TSA Gropers vs. Bush's NSA Eavesdroppers

While the broadcast networks have generally empathized with the distress of airline passengers over TSA's intrusive airport searches, they have not impugned the Obama administration as launching a ...

Networks Report Zero Upside to Delta/Northwest Merger

Evening news shows ignore positives of industry consolidation for consumers and improvements in long-term stability of the industry.

Airline Complaints Down, Network Complaints about Airlines Up

CBS, NBC attack industry for poor performance though travelers do not.
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