CBS and NBC Delight in Al Franken's Sketch of Sessions: 'Suitable for Framing'

CBS and NBC took time Wednesday night to showcase Democratic Senator Al Franken's artistry - but not to scold Franken's frivolity. As CBS displayed Franken's drawing of Republican Senator Jeff ...

Al Franken, 'Moderate'? Even the Times' Public Editor Sees Something Awry

Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt devotes a rare column to labeling bias suggesting conservatives have legitimate complaints with the paper's "conservative" (and "neoconservative") labeling habits.

Franken to Comcast, NBC on Merger: 'I Don't Trust These Promises'

Minnesota junior senator claims merger could prompt higher cable rates and force cell phone carriers to own a TV network in order to compete.

NBC Trumpeted the Launch of Liberal 'Counterweight' Air America, Skips Demise of Radio Network

When the liberal radio network Air America debuted on March 31, 2004, NBC trumpeted it as the "counterweight" to the "right-wing bent" of talk radio. Katie Couric enthused that Al Franken and his ...

ABC Plays Video of Al Franken's Snub of Joe Lieberman, But Ignores Story

All three morning shows on Friday skipped Senator Al Franken's disrespectful snub of Joe Lieberman during a health care debate. Good Morning America, bizarrely, played video of the incident over a ...

NBC Puffs Al Franken with Softball Questions to New Senator

On Thursday's Today, Meredith Vieira tossed mostly softballs to Senator-elect Al Franken, offering no hard questions about the disputed 2008 election, instead fawning, "...Are you more worried ...

Witty Barney Frank, Meet Senator Al Franken

An article by Michael Powell awards the contested Minnesota Senate seat to Al Franken and revels in the anti-Republican wit of liberal Rep. Barney Frank.

Veto-Proof Majority in Sight for Senate Dems, Says NYT

Yuk yuk yuk: "If voters start to take the comedian Al Franken seriously, the joke could be on Mr. Coleman in this potential swing state."

Times Not Totally Frank About Al Franken's Senate Run

A front-page story on Al Franken's run for Senate skipped the controversies over Air America and Franken's "joke" about executing Karl Rove, Lewis Libby and President Bush.

Air America Bankrupt - Times Again Ignores Loan from Boys & Girls Club

A choice example of liberal hypocrisy is again ignored by the Times.
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